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Orchid Targets Reduction in ATF Theft/Loss Exposure and Greater Firearm Transfer Efficiencies with New eBound Features

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August 24, 2023


Orchid Targets Reduction in ATF Theft/Loss Exposure and Greater Firearm Transfer Efficiencies

Hartford, CT – Orchid, the leader in FFL technology, payment processing, and firearm and explosives compliance services, is pleased to announce its latest features designed to improve firearm transfers between licensees. Today, Orchid’s 6,000+ software users can expedite the compliant transfer between FFLs who import, manufacture, distribute, or sell via retail channels while gaining insight into potential ATF theft/loss issues.

“Each month, Orchid releases new features across its compliance and POS/eCommerce platforms to improve firearm transaction processing,” said Eric Wille, VP of Sales & Marketing at Orchid. “The focus of this month’s release was the reduction in time incurred to transfer firearms between internal and external networks while providing FFLs with greater insight into ATF theft/loss risk and FFL/LOA licensing status. These new features include an enhancement to our existing “FFL-on-File” technology and the release of Network Transfer and Import-to-FFL Transfer features.”

Mr. Wille expands to say, “These features are designed to be particularly advantageous for:

  • FFLs who hold two or more licenses in which one is dedicated to importing
  • Manufacturing and distribution FFLs transferring inventory to their customers
  • Multi-facility manufacturing FFLs transferring between locations
  • And larger retail chains transferring between their warehouse or stores.”

FFL-on-File Technology

An existing feature of Orchid eBound, the FFL-on-File technology now provides a three-color visual indicator for digital FFL documents held on file (in eStorage). In addition to the prior red/green status, a yellow status has been added to indicate those FFLs in “Letter of Authorization” (LOA) status. This feature is available in the eBound web version, POS and ERP API integration.

Import-to-FFL Transfer

FFLs holding both an import and second license (i.e., manufacturing 07 or distribution/retail 01) often dispose of imported firearms to another internal book. Orchid’s new feature eliminates the manual transaction between books a by simultaneously disposing of the imported firearm and acquiring it in the other book. The objective is to eliminate labor and reduce transaction risk.

Network Transfer

FFLs transferring inventory between their facilities or across the supply chain can now create “in-network” and “out-of-network” trading partners. Once connected, receiving FFLs will be notified of the pending inbound transfer, provided the review/correct acquisition details, and post them to their book with a single click. Both the sending and receiving parties are provided with a visual dashboard of expected transfers and receipts that can be used to expose potential ATF theft/loss concerns.

Existing and future customers can learn more about Orchid eBound™ on its product page at orchidadvisors.com/ebound. There, shoppers can learn more about Orchid’s 100% Guaranteed Attorney Defense Against ATF Revocations and other products such as Orchid eState, Orchid POS and Orchid eCommerce.

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