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Online Consumer Shopping Experience Improved with Orchid’s Advanced eCommerce Solutions

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August 28, 2023


Orchid eCommerce Enhancements

Hartford, CT – Orchid, the leader in FFL technology, payment processing, and firearm and explosives compliance services, is pleased to announce its latest features designed to provide FFLs and their retail customers with an improved shopping experience. FFLs can enhance their existing website or utilize the Orchid eCommerce platform to offer geotargeted FFL shipping destinations, automated state sales tax, prohibition of state-restricted gun sales, and integrate the various shipping and logistics services from Ship Station.

“We’re witnessing a surge in the upgrade of existing website technology across our client base, including manufacturers, distributors, and retailers who sell firearms and related products through B2B, B2C, and B2G sales,” said Eric Wille, VP of Sales & Marketing at Orchid. “Our goal was to provide the industry with better online shopping tools to address the myriad of state gun restrictions while providing simple FFL lookup, tax, and logistics tools. Our offerings can be employed by customers of the integrated Orchid POS / eCommerce platform, our B2B supply portal, or their custom websites.”

Orchid eFFL API for Geographic Selection of FFLs

Orchid eFFL API provides eCommerce platforms with a live daily feed of FFL shipping destinations that can be geotargeted within a zip code radius. The distinctive features of eFFL API include the integration with digital FFL records maintained within the Orchid eStorage platform to maximize the level of control over ship-to-destination options.

Orchid eState API

Orchid eState API integrates natively into Orchid eCommerce and is available as an independent API to limit the sale of restricted firearms during online checkout. Combined with Orchid’s eFFL API, eState uses the selected zip code and associated product UPC to provide a real-time assessment of product compliance.

Ship Station Integration

Customers of Orchid eCommerce can utilize the firm’s latest integration to provide consumers and retailers with real-time shipping calculations, tracking numbers, and shipping labels with major carriers such as FedEx, UPS, and others.

Avalara AvaTax

Navigating state-firearm restrictions in only part of the battle. Calculating tax rates across the US for online shoppers aids to the challenge. Orchid’s integration with Avalara AvaTax provides online shoppers with localized tax rates and assists FFLs by properly calculating their tax liablity.

Existing and future customers can learn more about Orchid’s eFFL API, the Orchid POS / eCommerce platform, and Orchid eState by visiting orchidadvisors.com or contacting a sales consultant.


About Orchid:

Orchid is a leading provider of firearm compliance solutions, offering industry-leading software. Celebrating ten years of serving the shooting sports industry, Orchid and partner firm Orchid Law offer leading FFL software, firearms-friendly payment processing, and legal and regulatory services for firearms, ammunition, and explosives industries. Orchid’s POS, eCommerce, and regulatory applications, including Orchid eBound, Orchid FEL Book, and Orchid eState, accompany its expert services in ERP integration, firearms/explosives regulation, state gun laws, and Firearm & Ammunition Excise Tax advisory. Get started at orchidadvisors.com.


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