How FFLs Can Celebrate National Shooting Sports Month

Written by Orchid


August 02, 2021


National Shooting Sports Month logo on blue background

Started in 2017, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) established August as National Shooting Sports Month to celebrate recreational shooting and drive sales for local firearm businesses during the challenging summer months.

In addition to partnering with shooting ranges, firearm retailers and manufacturers on National Shooting Sports Month initiatives, the NSSF also encourages shooters to join the +One Movement of introducing new people to firearms, bringing FFLs and gun owners together in an industry-wide, month-long effort to promote and grow the shooting sports.

With more than 8 million estimated new gun owners joining the industry in the last 20 months, there’s never been a better time to get involved. Below are ideas for how your FFL can celebrate National Shooting Sports Month.

List Your Business

The first step in getting involved in National Shooting Sports Month is listing your range or retail business. Whether you operate online or as a brick-and-mortar business, submit your FFL for range goers and gun owners to find a place to shoot and buy firearms.

Create An Event

Now that your business is listed, you need a way to attract customers. A special celebration calls for special events, and the NSSF recommends a variety of different events for FFLs, including:

  • Appreciation Days – Offer discounted range time for first responders, members or all customers, or create a month-long sale for on guns, accessories, classes or services.
  • Training Classes – Join NSSF’s First Shots program and offer classes for new shooters, or host an open house promoting your firearms training and private instruction programs.
  • Social Events – Partner with local businesses, organizations and charities to organize a blood drive, veteran fundraiser or silent auction with food and prizes.
  • Demo Days – Invite manufacturer reps in for product demos and armorer courses, or highlight specific brands and allow customers to try before they buy.
  • Competitions – Challenge gun owners of all experience levels with formal or informal shooting competitions, including GSSF, USPSA, 3-Gun and bowling pin matches.

While primarily designed for ranges and retailers, manufacturers can also host events within the community. Invite local ranges and retailers to market their businesses, educate gun owners about your products and services, and even open your doors for guided tours.

Promote Your Event

In addition to promoting your participation in National Shooting Sports Month, drive traffic to your event with effective marketing. Utilize in-store flyers and signage, website blog posts and banners, social media, email lists and good old word of mouth to advertise your event and ensure a successful turnout.

The NSSF suggests adding the National Shooting Sports Month logo to your website and marketing materials, as well as using dedicated hashtags on social media, like #LetsGoShooting,  #ShootingSportsMonth and #PlusOneMovement. And don’t forget to tag the @LetsGoShootingUSA in your posts on Facebook and Instagram.

View the National Shooting Sports Month Promotional Toolkit for more tips and event ideas.

Sponsor Gearbox Giveaways

For manufacturers, become a partner or sponsor a Gearbox Giveaway. Build brand awareness with an exciting prize package for one lucky shooter – and future loyal customer – to win featuring your latest product or popular guns, gear and more. Giveaways should have a minimum retail value of $1,000.

Protect Your Business

Your FFL can only celebrate National Shooting Sports Month if you have an FFL. Protect your business with Orchid software and services to keep your FFL manufacturing, distributing and selling profitably, efficiently and with the utmost compliance. Contact us for more information and to get started today.

Protect Your FFL


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