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FIC 2023: Retail Compliance & Avoiding Revocation

Written by Orchid


March 30, 2023


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In 2022, ATF conducted over 7,500 compliance inspections of FFLs and revoked more than 100 licenses. Facing increased scrutiny by the Biden Administration and stricter corrective action from IOIs, staying compliant has never been more important for traditional and ecommerce firearm retail operations to avoid risk of revocation.

Throughout this year’s 9th annual Firearms Industry Conference (FIC), held virtually April 27-28 and in-person in Atlanta, May 1-3, 2023, attendees will learn from federal agency personnel, industry attorneys, and subject matter experts how to maintain retail compliance to eliminate inspection violations and prevent revocation.

Retail FFL Compliance

Dedicated to small-to-medium firearms businesses, new industry professionals, and those unable to travel to in-person FIC 2023 events, virtual FIC On-Air – sponsored by digital storage leader 4473 Cloud – will focus heavily on retail compliance.

Led by Orchid VP of Regulatory Services and Lead Attorney at Orchid Law, Philip Milks will provide best practices for ATF Form 4473 transfers, NICS/POC background checks, serial number inventories, and selling online. ATF will also offer tips on how retailers can prevent straw purchases.

FIC 2023 sessions:

State Laws & Federal Regulation

Milks will also lead virtual sessions on maintaining state compliance and the risks associated with ecommerce and in-person transfers to non-residents. A FIC Pre-Conference Workshop with Orchid’s Chief Firearm & Explosives Officer Andrew Graham and well-known Second Amendment attorney, Stephen Halbrook, will further dive into state and federal laws, ATF inspection, and revocation.

As in prior years, ATF personnel will be in attendance during the FIC Main Event to educate the industry on various topics, including recent Final Rules regarding frames/receivers (2021R-05F) and stabilizing braces (2021R-08F) impacting FFLs. ATF will also answer attendee questions on inspections, NFA, and firearm imports during open agency roundtables.

FIC 2023 sessions:

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Registration & Sponsorship

With dozens of new learning sessions and speakers, FIC 2023 promises to be another exciting and successful education and networking event for all FFLs and firearms professionals. Register your team to attend one event – or all three – and don’t miss the premier industry experience of the year.

Ticket Options:

FIC On-Air (Virtual): $195 [Buy one-get one with code ‘4473CLOUD’]
FIC Workshops (In-Person): $395
FIC Main Event (In-Person): $795
Both In-Person Events: $1,190
All FIC 2023 Events: $1,385

In addition, session and event sponsorships are also available for any budget. Get more than a logo with complimentary FIC On-Air and Main Event registration, conference signage, marketing and press inclusion, and more. Contact us for more information and to claim your spot among industry leaders like 4473 Cloud, Infor, Global Defense, ESi and others.

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