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The Most Trusted FFL Program for Eliminating ATF Zero Tolerance Risk

  • $499mo

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    • Access to Flat Rate Attorney - Client Privilege Protection plan members gain access to flat rate, attorney / client privileged services from our partner firm, FFL Law.

      Baseline Review of Prior ATF Report of Violations Every program starts with a review of your last ATF Inspection Report of Violations (ROV) for key triggers related to GCA / NFA laws and future inspection risks.

      Quick Hit Review of Last 30 ATF Form 4473s Our retail FFL experts will dedicate up to two hours reviewing your most recent 30 days of 4473 activity. The review will include completeness of form entry.

      Quick Hit Review of Last 30 days A&D Book Entries Our ATF inspection efforts will perform a high level review of transactions for the last 30 days. Areas of analysis include book structure, completeness of firearm detail field entry and transaction order.

      Action Report from ATF Expert and Attorney Philip Milks

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Meet Your FFL Program Leaders 

Attorny Milks and Mr. Grigerek bring over 50 years of dedicated firearm industry experience. They’ve worked with thousands of retail and manufacturing FFLs helping them prepare for and respond to ATF inspections. Attorney Milks and Mr. Grigerek are experts in firearm law and ATF regulation and have worked with former ATF IOIs to design our FFL Protection Programs.

Phil Milks

Attorney Philip Milks
VP of Regulatory Services

Expert in Firearm Law, Regulations,
Firearm Manufacturing Compliance and
ATF Inspection / Revocations


Mr. Scott Grigerek Manager, FFL Customer Success

Expert in ATF Form 4473, FBI NICS, Multiple Sales Forms, NFA Forms and ATF Inspections

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