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Exclusive ATF Inspections Webinar With Former ATF Deputy Assistant Director

Written by Orchid


June 12, 2023


ATF Inspections Webinar

Orchid, a trusted leader in firearms compliance solutions, is excited to announce an upcoming ATF Inspections Webinar, on June 29 at 1pm EST, featuring former ATF Deputy Assistant Director Andy Graham. This highly anticipated webinar has been carefully designed to offer Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs) indispensable expertise, expert insights, and best practices for maintaining compliance with firearms regulations throughout the ATF inspection process.

As a Chief Firearms and Explosive Officer at Orchid, Andy Graham brings a wealth of knowledge and firsthand experience to this webinar. His deep understanding of the regulatory landscape and the intricacies of ATF inspections will provide attendees with essential guidance and valuable insights to navigate inspections seamlessly.

The webinar aims to cover a wide range of critical topics, including:

  • ATF Inspection Process: Explore the ATF inspection process in detail, including the most common violations encountered in FY 2022. Learn about the Zero Tolerance Violation Policy, understand what ATF Industry Operation Investigator (IOI) look for during inspections, and discover proactive measures to prepare for successful ATF inspections.
  • On-site Review, Reporting, Closure, and Inspection Outcome: Develop a deep understanding of the on-site review process during ATF inspections. Discover best practices for reporting and documenting compliance efforts accurately and transparently. Gain insights into the closure process and learn how to effectively address any identified issues for a favorable inspection outcome.
  • FFL Responsibilities under the GCA and NFA: Delve into the specific responsibilities and obligations that FFLs must uphold under the Gun Control Act (GCA) and the National Firearms Act (NFA). Benefit from expert guidance on recordkeeping requirements, background checks, transfer procedures, and responsible firearms handling and storage practices.

Orchid is proud to offer this exclusive webinar as part of our ongoing commitment to supporting FFLs in maintaining rigorous compliance and ensuring the utmost safety and responsibility in the firearms industry.

The webinar is scheduled for June 29, 2023, from 1pm to 2pm EST. Interested participants can register for free at orchidadvisors.com/atfwebinar.

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