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Customer Announcement: Shield Arms

Written by Joe Kriz


December 23, 2022


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Orchid is proud to announce a new customer, Shield Arms.

Shield Arms was founded in 2017 on the simple principles of equipping gun owners with innovative, life-protecting, and high-value products. Launched with redesigned Glock 43X/48 magazines that added double-stack capacity to single-stack handguns, the accessory manufacturer would later venture into firearm manufacturing with its patented folding lower receiver, delivering on its promise while experiencing significant growth. However, with rapid growth often comes growing pains.

Though using FFL Boss at the time, Shield Arms sought more robust firearm recordkeeping software that could also integrate with its ecommerce and ERP system, Odoo. After reaching out to Orchid, Shield Arms was able to quickly implement leading A&D bound book solution, Orchid eBound™, for its firearm and accessory business. Implementing eBound with Odoo business management applications with eliminate the need for manual dual entry and automate operations for greater time savings and efficiency. 

To learn more about Shield Arms, visit shieldarms.com

Get started with Orchid manufacturing FFL software at orchidadvisors.com/mfg.

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