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Customer Announcement: Long Shot Indoor Range

Written by Orchid


December 02, 2022


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Orchid is proud to announce a new customer, Long Shot Indoor Range.

They say the sum is greater than the parts. For David Swetz and Jason Pearson, that was the thinking when opening Long Shot Indoor Range in Yelm, WA, back in 2020. Combining Swetz’ retail business, Countyline Shooting Sports, with Pearson’s gunsmithing shop, Pearson Arms, the new location would house a larger retail show floor, gunsmithing operation, ammunition manufacturing, and the area’s first indoor shooting range. And while construction of the indoor range is still ongoing, the Long Shot team knew they had to be proactive when it came to managing the business.

Despite not offering range management functionality at the time, Long Shot contacted Orchid to learn more about the integrated point of sale system. Nearly a year later, the multi-faceted FFL is operating smoothly thanks to Orchid POS™ and eBound/e4473 and well prepared for when both its gun range and Orchid POS’ range management feature go live.

To learn more about Long Shot Indoor Range, visit longshotir.com.

Get started with Orchid retail FFL software at orchidadvisors.com/retail.

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