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ATF Launches eForms NFA Inventory Feature

Written by Orchid


August 12, 2022


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Last week, the ATF announced the highly-anticipated release of its new eForms NFA Inventory feature. Qualified NFA dealers, manufacturers and importers can readily view and extract their active inventory based on EIN to better conduct internal inventory audits and verifications of NFA firearms versus the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record (NFRTR).

FFL users can also pull their available for transfer inventory while completing eForm 3, 5, or 9. This inventory will not display items which have a “PENDING” transfer Form.

A new “View Inventory” button is now available to all eForms users with an FFL and EIN approved association to conduct business in NFA firearms. This feature is available by following the steps below to see the active inventory associated to your EIN.

Active NFA Inventory Instructions

  1. Open eForms
  2. Click “My Profile” tab
  3. Click “FFL/ AECA/ EIN Access” tab
  4. Locate your associated FFL with EIN
  5. Click “View Inventory” button on right
  6. Download inventory into Excel spreadsheet

As a reminder, all inventories (full or item(s) available for transfer) are based on EIN and not location specific. For companies having multiple locations associated with the same EIN, all of those locations will appear on the same inventory report.

For assistance becoming a Special Occupational Taxpayer (SOT), completing ATF NFA forms, or using ATF eForms, contact us today to speak with our legal and compliance professionals.

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