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ATF & FBI NICS Address Public Safety and Recent Regulation at FIC 2023

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May 02, 2023


White text atop blue background next to photos of ATF Deputy Director Marvin Richardson and FBI NICS Business & Liaison Unit Chief Jill Montgomery presenting at the 2023 Firearms Industry Conference

HARTFORD, CT (May 2, 2023) – Today, ATF and FBI NICS executives addressed industry members about the role of recent regulation in maintaining public safety at the 2023 Firearms Industry Conference (FIC) in Atlanta. During Main Event keynotes, ATF Deputy Director Marvin Richardson and FBI NICS Business & Liaison Unit Chief Jill Montgomery spoke about the impact of the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act on FFL operations and updates regarding enhanced background checks, the Revised ATF Form 4473, and firearm handler checks.

“We’re thankful for the continued support of the Firearms Industry Conference by ATF, FBI NICS, DDTC and BIS, and all attendees,” stated Orchid CEO Jon Rydberg. “To echo what ATF’s Marvin Richardson said this morning, our industry can’t continue to move forward together without collaboration. FIC is not only an investment in compliance, technology, and legal education, but also a commitment to forging productive discussions between regulators, FFLs and industry professionals.”

The most significant firearm legislation passed in decades, the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act (BSCA) implemented enhanced background checks for persons under 21, initiated multiple revisions to the ATF Form 4473, and introduced new firearm handler checks for FFL employees, among other provisions.

Required for use by firearm retailers as of April 1, ATF Firearms & Explosives Industry Division Chief Marianna Mitchem encouraged attendees to submit comments on the Revised Form 4473, open in the Federal Register until May 8 with an additional 30-day comment period to follow. Released under emergency approval in December 2022, additional revisions to the form are expected to be announced this summer. ATF also shared 125,000 NFA stabilizing brace applications have been submitted since January following Final Rule 2021R-08F. On average, applications are being processed in 48 days.

During their presentation, FBI NICS shared over 89,000 under-21 background checks have been processed since November 2022. Of those, 158 individuals were denied due to new access to criminal history and mental health records made available by the BSCA – less than the 1.3% average for NICS denials. Firearm handler checks, proposed to be conducted annually by FFLs, are expected to launch later this year.

“The access to ATF executives and FBI NICS personnel is invaluable for us and all FIC attendees,” said Camden Webb, partner and co-chair of Williams Mullen’s Firearms Industry Group. “When industry members have an opportunity to meet, learn from, and ask questions of regulators directly, everyone can benefit from the shared knowledge, understanding and discussions,” said Chuck James, partner and co-chair of Williams Mullen’s Firearms Industry Group.

Throughout the FIC Main Event, ATF and FBI NICS will also participate in roundtable discussions and various learning sessions, including: 

  • Mastering ATF Inspections: Before, During & After
  • Computerized Recordkeeping: A&D and 4473
  • Straw Purchase Prevention
  • Overview of Final Rules 2021R-05F & 2021R-08F

To pre-register for and receive alerts about FIC 2024, to be held in Atlanta on April 29-May 1, 2024, visit orchidadvisors.com/fic2024. Discounted early bird registration will open in July.

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