First ATF 4473 eStorage Now Available on POS

ATF 4473 eStorage

SAUK RAPIDS, MN – October 1, 2019: The first ATF 4473 eStorage platform has been approved for retail POS (Point of Sale). Orchid Advisors, ATF and Tactical Solutions of Waite Park, MN worked together for several months on the development of this technology and the creation of an approved ATF Variance template. Final approval to proceed with other POS users was granted on September 27, 2019

Paper 4473

“Paper reduction has long-been a focus of our retailers and the government alike,” said CEO, Jon Rydberg. “We’re honored to have worked with these entities to revolutionize how ATF F 4473s are managed in a retail environment. As one of our retailers recently stated, this is a really big stinking deal – it changes everything for gun stores and shooting range owners and operators.”

Orchid Advisors secured the first ever approved Variance for eStorage of ATF Form 4473 in April 2018 as part of a pilot program with the ATF and firearm retailer, Grab A Gun.

e4473 Technology

As of today, the POS becomes the first Retail Point of Sale software to offer 100% paperless Form 4473s, while remaining ATF compliant. Whereas electronic 4473s helped to reduce paper previously, eStorage takes everything to a whole new level by eliminating the need to print completed forms. For retailers, the impact is reduced costs and increase control over regulatory documents.  

The ATF technology suite includes:

  • An integrated electronic bound book and e4473 application
  • eSignature to simplify interactions with customers
  • One-click, integrated eNICS checks
  • eStorage of the completed e4473 forms 
  • And, an ability to post and track corrections

About Orchid Advisors

Based out of Avon, CT, Orchid Advisors provides ATF and ITAR compliance services to manufacturing, distribution, and retail FFLs. The firm offers FFL and export licensing, deep record inspections, e4473 / NFA eForms, Electronic Bound Book software and delivers the largest online ATF and ITAR compliance training platform available. Learn more at

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