ATF Announces Personnel Changes and Other Important Activity

ATF Personnel Changes

Last week ATF announced several personnel changes in key executive management positions which means many firearms and ammunition industry members will be interacting with new ATF officials. Among the changes:

  • Kevin Murphy is replacing Alphonso Hughes as Chief of the NFA Division. Prior to the change, Mr. Murphy acted as the Director of Industry Operations for the Dallas Field Division. Hughes is being promoted to his new position as Deputy Assistant Director of Office of Professional Responsibility and Security Operations.
  • Andy Perdas has become the Acting Chief of the Firearms Industry Program Branch, replacing Kyle Lallensack. Prior to taking the position, Mr. Perdas was an Area Supervisor in the Louisville Field Division.
  • Max Kingery is replacing Bill Majors as Chief of the Firearms and Explosives Imports Branch. Kingery was previously the Chief of the Firearms Technology Branch. Mr. Majors is retiring.

In addition, ATF also announced that they are working on several agenda items that are very important to the industry.  Among them:

  • The Form 4473 is undergoing several modifications and should be published in the Federal Register somewhere in the January 2020 timeframe.
  • The ATF is working towards the Form 9 being a notification form (akin to the Form 2) rather than a Form requiring submission, processing, approval, and return prior to the export of NFA firearms.
  • The 2018 AFMER results are being finalized and should be published soon.