ATF Announces NEW Form Application for Alternate Means of Identification of Firearms Marking Variances

ATF Announces NEW Form

Application for Alternate Means of Identification of Firearm(s) (Marking Variances)

To assist manufacturers and importers with the processing of marking variance requests, the ATF has issued a new form!

ATF Form 3311.4, titled “Application for Alternate Means of Identification of Firearm(s) (Marking Variance)” is broken into three separate sections: Section I Manufacturer / Importer Marking the Firearm, Section II Manufacturer / Importer Identified on the Firearm, and Section III Manufacturing / Importation Process.

The goal of the new form and process is to reduce the processing time by prompting the author to answer the prescribed questions, ensuring that ATF has all of the pertinent information they need to process the variance.  A fillable form is available online and the preferred method of submission is electronic. The ATF still suggests that the form be submitted 90 days prior to the date of intended manufacture.

The ATF Announcement Reads:
“To All Federal Firearms Licensees:

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) is announcing the availability of a new form that aids licensed manufacturers and importers who apply for marking variances.  The new ATF Form 3311.4 satisfies the requirements of a marking variance letter application.  When properly completed, this form reduces processing time as it specifically requests information required to process a marking variance, thus eliminating delays caused when a request omits needed information.”

The form can be accessed on the ATF Website.

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