Alert – ATF Releases International Firearms Trace Data for 2013

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ATF Releases International Firearms Trace Data for 2013

On 4/22/14, ATF released its 2013 trace statistics for firearms that were recovered outside of the U.S. and subsequently traced by ATF’s National Tracing Center.  These statistics included the top 5 reporting Caribbean countries, Canada, Mexico, and Central America (Belize, Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala).  ATF has established international partnerships with these countries to assist their local law enforcement’s efforts with solving firearm related crimes. According to ATF, the National Tracing Center traced 15,083 firearms that were recovered in Mexico.  There were 4,536 firearms that were recovered in the Central American countries mentioned above. Of those firearms recovered, the majority of those traced were pistols, followed by revolvers.  There were 1,407 firearms recovered in Canada and lastly approximately 1,036 were recovered in the Caribbean. Traces, both international and domestic, remind Federal Firearm Licensees of the importance of maintaining accurate and timely ATF records.  For tips on how Licensees can best assist with tracing efforts see Orchid Advisors website.

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