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Why Your FFL Software Should Be Backed By Legal Experts

Written by Orchid


February 02, 2022


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For the modern federal firearms licensee (FFL), technology has made manufacturing, importing, distributing and selling firearms easier and more profitable. However, even when armed with the best FFL software on the market, no firearms business is exempt from the risk of ATF noncompliance.

In 2020, ATF industry operation investigators completed over 5,200 firearms compliance inspections of FFLs. Of those, barely half (56%) of firearms businesses inspected recorded no violations, with 23% reporting some level of violation and others warranting a warning letter (14%), warning conference (5%) or worst-case scenario, license revocation (0.7%). And as if that wasn’t bad enough, the federal government has placed greater emphasis on ATF compliance, pushing for more inspections and threatening to put more FFLs on the hot seat or out of business.

But FFLs don’t have to navigate complex federal, state and local firearm regulations on their own. With advanced retail and manufacturing software from Orchid, FFLs can trust their operations will not only run efficiently but also with the utmost compliance thanks to built-in safeguards and expert legal backing from experienced firearm attorneys.

Guaranteed FFL Protection

Orchid Compliance Software
Whether you’re a small brick-and-mortar retailer or an international manufacturer, our FFL software can help your firearms business stay compliant with built-in checkpoints, cross-software integration and intuitive processes.

At the core of every FFL is a Bound Book. Compliant with ATF Rulings 2016-1, -2 and -3, Orchid eBound™ features e4473 with customer kiosk mode to ensure you never miss a disqualifying 4473 answer from a transferee/buyer and that all provided information is correct before initiating a NICS check, lowering your risk of compliance violation. eBound also has the following integrations to further increase operational efficiencies and reduce risk:

  • Orchid eStorage™ for the digital storage of ATF and FFL documents, including linking transferee FFLs with customer and vendor master files
  • 4473 Cloud for the electronic retention of Forms 4473 and multiple sales forms
  • Orchid eFFL API™ for a live data feed of ATF eZ Check FFL and LOA data
  • Orchid eSerial™ for the automatic acquisition of newly serialized firearms by manufacturers.

But even the most comprehensive FFL software isn’t foolproof. That’s where having access to legal professionals who know you, your business and your software can help.

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FFL Law Compliance & Legal Services
At Orchid, we believe compliance should be proactive rather than reactive. Rather than wait for the ATF to come knocking before getting your FFL in order, compliance should be an ongoing effort.

From quick on-call compliance to on-site mock ATF inspections, import and export licensing to PLCAA and legal defense services, our partner attorneys and regulatory experts at FFL Law are at-the-ready to answer your questions and uncover and correct potential violations. And when paired with Orchid’s industry-leading firearms compliance software, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with guaranteed FFL protection from Orchid and FFL Law.

Contact us today to learn how your FFL could benefit from implementing Orchid software backed by FFL Law compliance support and legal defense you can trust.

Guaranteed FFL Protection