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What to Expect From New ATF eForms

Written by Orchid


December 14, 2021


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Earlier this month, the ATF announced they would launch the modernized eForms application in the coming weeks. Since then, the agency has shared the new version of ATF eForms is expected to go live on Tuesday, December 21.

Long-awaited by both FFLs and gun owners, the update will reduce the effort and time required to review and process ATF applications by incorporating online validations and other enhancements.

Here’s what to expect when the updated ATF eForms launches next week:

User Validation
While your eForms User ID will not change with the update, you will need to manually reset your password before logging into the new system for the first time. Once logged in, the application will ask you to update your user profile information, including name and email address, and create a four-digit security PIN. This user PIN will be used to validate the submission of all forms as part of the submission process.

First-time ATF eForms users will need to complete user registration before using the application. Login instructions for both first-time and existing users can be found here.

Preserved History
No need to worry about lost eForms – previous form submissions will transfer to the new system and be viewable from your home screen upon login.

New eForms
The highlight of the system update, users will now be able to electronically submit ATF Forms 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 6A, 9, 10 and 5300.11, as well as digital fingerprint cards for Form 4, with required documentation. ATF eForms will also support larger file attachments up to 30MB in size.

Shorter Wait Times
With the update, wait times for ATF applications are expected to improve – especially for Form 4 submissions. Currently processing paper applications in 8 months (though we’ve seen anywhere from 6 months to 12 months), it’s been reported the ATF wants to reduce Form 4 wait times to within 90 days. However, only time will tell if that goal is obtainable.

To facilitate the update, ATF eForms will be offline between Friday, December 17 at 9pm and (tentatively) Tuesday, December 21 at 6am. FFLs are instructed to continue using the existing eForms until the upgrade starts. For assistance navigating ATF eForms and related regulations, contact Orchid compliance experts today.