What is the Current ATF Form Processing Time

On July 2, 2014, the ATF issued an email update to the latest EPS Processing times. 

That email read: 

“ATF has taken significant steps to reduce the number of pending NFA applications. As a result, the number of pending NFA applications has been reduced by 25%. Consequently, the processing times of certain NFA applications has also been reduced by as much as 30 days. ATF will continue to take aggressive steps to reduce the number of pending applications and processing times.”

The current EPS processing times as of July 2014 for any of the following ATF Forms is shown below:

  • ATF Form 1
  • ATF Form 2
  • ATF Form 3
  • ATF Form 4
  • ATF Form 5
  • ATF Form 9
  • Marking Variances
  • ATF Form 6
  • ATF Form 7 NIA
  • ATF F 5400.28
  • ATF F 7

(additional details may also be found on the ATF website)