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Top 10 GCA Violations: Ensuring Firearm Regulation Compliance

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September 29, 2023


Top 10 GCA Violations

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) enforces federal firearm regulations in the United States. Deriving their authority from the Gun Control Act (GCA) and National Firearms Act (NFA), the ATF closely monitors the activities of Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs). Violations of the GCA can result in serious consequences, ranging from license revocation to criminal charges.

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Understanding ATFs Top 10 GCA Violations and Ways to Avoid Citation

Former ATF senior executive Andy Graham provides valuable insights into prevalent GCA violations and how to effectively prevent citations.

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ATF Enforcement Measures

Understanding the enforcement measures employed by the ATF is crucial to gaining insight into how these regulations are upheld within the firearms industry.

Report of Violation (ROV):

  • An ROV serves as a formal notice of regulatory violations.
  • It is issued when non-compliance with ATF regulations is observed.

Warning Letter:

  • A Warning Letter may follow an ROV.
  • This letter specifically outlines observed violations and underscores the necessity of corrective action.

Warning Conference:

  • In certain instances, a Warning Conference may be convened.
  • This forum allows for a discussion of violations and the formulation of corrective measures agreeable with the ATF.

Revocation Hearing:

  • Certain individual and other repeat violations can lead to a Revocation Hearing.
  • This formal process determines whether an FFL’s license should be revoked due to the severity of the violations.

Zero Tolerance Policy:

  • The ATF operates under a Zero Tolerance policy when it comes to certain violations.
  • This policy unambiguously emphasizes the strict enforcement of firearm regulations without exceptions.

Top 10 GCA Violations

Now, let’s delve into the top 10 GCA violations most frequently identified by the ATF:

Failure to record firearm acquisition or disposition in the bound book.
Failure to use or complete ATF prescribed forms.
Missing or omitted information on Form 4473.
Failure to sign and complete Boxes 34 through 36 on Form 4473.
Failure to maintain an accurate, complete, and timely manufacture or Acquisition record.
Missing or incomplete background check information.
Citations are issued when Box 26a on Form 4473 is left blank or contains incorrect information regarding the transferee's ID.
Failure to maintain an accurate, complete, and timely Disposition record.
Failure to identify the firearm accurately on Form 4473.
Failure to report multiple sales of pistols and revolvers.

These top 10 GCA violations underscore the critical importance of strict compliance with federal firearm regulations. FFLs must remain well-informed about these regulations, maintain meticulous records, and diligently adhere to all prescribed forms and procedures. This diligence is essential to avoid violations that could imperil their licenses and lead to legal consequences. For more information about these violations and GCA compliance, click here.

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