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State & Federal Firearm Legislation: March–April 2022

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May 16, 2022


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Around the country, state and federal legislatures were busy introducing and voting on the latest bills to end the first quarter of 2022. Among the pending legislation, firearms, gun owners and firearms businesses were a familiar target of both pro- and anti-gun politicians.

As always, Orchid’s legal professionals are tracking the latest firearms legislation to keep the shooting sports industry informed of recent political actions and their potential impact on firearm owners and businesses.

Listed below are a selection of notable state and federal bills introduced, referred or revised during the months of March and April 2022.

State Legislation

AK SJR20 – Urges Congress to immediately pass and implement the Hearing Protection Act regarding suppressors, stating various personal freedom and economic reasons. | Bill Details 

AZ HB2166 – Would exempt gross proceeds of retail sales or gross income

derived from retail sales of firearms, ammunition and firearm safety equipment from the retail classification of transaction privilege tax (TPT) and use tax. | Bill Details

Similar Bills: MO SB1102, TN HB2059

CA AB2156 – Would require all federally licensed firearms manufacturers be licensed as a manufacturer by the state. Would also decrease the manufacturing threshold requiring state licensure from 50 or more firearms in a calendar year to 4 or more firearms. | Bill Details

CT HB5416 – Would prohibit any person from obtaining more than one (1) pistol or revolver in a 30-day period. | Bill Details

LA HB585 – Would require annual reporting of aggregate firearm transfer data to the Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration of Criminal Justice, including firearms transferred via legal sale. Reports shall not contain any identifying information of the person who possesses the firearm. | Bill Details

MD SB286 – Would no longer deny a person the right to purchase, possess, or carry a firearm solely on the basis that the person is authorized to use medical cannabis. | Bill Details

Similar Bill: MA S1583

NH HB1668 – Would require a licensed firearms dealer conduct a background check prior to any commercial firearm sale, including private transfers between nonlicensed individuals. | Bill Details

Similar Bill: MA H3729

NY A9139 – Would establish a 10-day waiting period, from when a NICS background check is initiated, for the purchase of any firearm. | Bill Details

OH HB617 – Would require federally licensed firearms dealers to give each firearm purchaser a specified brochure that provides information on using deadly force and outlines the laws about dispute resolution. | Bill Details

RI H6616 – Would prohibit the sale or transfer of ammunition unless the purchaser successfully undergoes a background check. | Bill Details

RI S2541 – Would, among other provisions, make it unlawful to possess or use a firearm with an overall length of less than 17” that has attached silencer. | Bill Details

RI S2628 – Would permit the city of Warwick to prohibit the sale of firearms within 500 ft. of any school or daycare facility, impacting at least two active FFLs. | Bill Details

RI S2637 – Would increase the age requirement for the lawful sale of firearms or ammunition from 18 to 21 years of age. | Bill Details

Similar Bill: MN HF4013

TN HB1735 – Would lower the age requirement to obtain an enhanced or concealed handgun carry permit or lawfully carry a handgun in public from 21 to 18 years of age. | Bill Details

TN HB2509 – Would remove short-barrel rifles and shotguns from the list of weapons prohibited to possess, manufacture, transport, repair, or sell under existing state law. | Bill Details

Federal Legislation

US HB6950 – Titled “No Gun Lists Act of 2022;” would require the ATF to eliminate its Enterprise Content Management Imaging Repository System, used to retain out-of-business records. | Bill Details

Similar Bill: US HB6945

US HB7366 – Titled “No User Fees for Gun Owners Act;” would prohibit a state or local government from imposing any insurance requirement, tax, user fee, or similar charge as a condition of the manufacture importation, acquisition, transfer, or continued ownership of a firearm or ammunition, except a sales tax. | Bill Details

US SB3776 – Titled “Stopping the Fraudulent Sales of Firearms Act;” Would make it unlawful to import, manufacture, or sell a firearm or ammunition by fraudulent means, including acts to transmit a wire, radio, or television communication in interstate or foreign commerce related to such a fraudulent importation, manufacture, or sale. | Bill Details

For questions or concerns regarding state and federal firearm regulations and how to stay ATF compliant, contact us for on-call FFL compliance services and learn how Orchid can protect your FFL.

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