State & Federal Firearms Regulations: October–December 2021

Written by Orchid


December 10, 2021


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With January quickly approaching, legislatures are making their final push of the year and preparing for 2022. As always, Orchid’s legal experts are tracking the latest firearms legislation to keep the shooting sports industry informed of recent political actions and their potential impact on firearm owners and businesses.

Listed below are notable state and federal bills introduced, referred or pre-filed during the months of October, November and December 2021.

State Regulations

IL SB2954 – Titled “Straw Purchaser Accountability Act;” would hold any person civilly liable for engaging in gun trafficking or intentionally or negligently delivering a firearm to an unauthorized person or any person who may use, attempt to use or threaten to use the firearm. | Bill Details

MA H2488 – Would make it illegal for any FFL or employee of an FFL to sell, rent, lease, deliver or offer for sale, rent, lease, transfer or deliver a firearm not listed on the state-approved firearm roster. | Bill Details

MA H2520 – Would create a multi-agency firearms task force to combat illicit firearm distribution, sales and possession. Task force activities would include identifying where illegal firearms distribution, sales and possession is most prevalent and providing reports of investigative findings to law enforcement agencies. | Bill Details

MA H3014 – Would provide an income tax deduction for the purchase of a gun safe, up to $2,000. | Bill Details

MO HB1806 – Would add failure to secure a readily available firearm to offenses related to endangering the welfare of a child under 17 years of age. | Bill Details

NJ A6059 ­– Would prohibit retail FFLs from being located with 1,000 feet of certain businesses and facilities, including schools, childcare facilities, health care facilities, places of worship and liquor stores. | Bill Details

NY A8429 – Would prohibit the possession and use of live ammunition at a film production facility and require all film production employees receive proper training on the safe use, handling, storage and transportation of actual and prop firearms. | Bill Details

VA SB8 – Would permit hunting on Sunday on public or private land so long as it takes place more than 200 yards from a place of worship. | Bill Details

Federal Regulations

US HR2427 – Titled “NFA Modernization Act of 2021;” would increase tax levied on transfer of NFA firearms (except any other weapons) from $200 to $300 and use the increase in funds for the purpose of federal gun violence prevention initiatives. | Bill Details

US HR2280 – Titled “Prevent Gun Trafficking Act;” would make it unlawful for any person (other than an FFL) to knowingly purchase or acquire a firearm from an FFL for the possession of a third party, or solicit, hire, demand or order another person to purchase any firearm for the purpose of obtaining the firearm for the person or selling or transferring the firearm to a third party. | Bill Details

US HR2282 – Titled “Gun Records Restoration and Preservation Act;” would repeal impediments to the administration of firearm laws, including prohibition of Freedom of Information Act requests for firearm traces, limitations on requirement that FFLs conduct firearms inventory, prohibition of centralization of FFL firearm acquisition and disposition records, and requirement to destroy NICS background check records within 24 hours. | Bill Details

US HR2830 – Titled “Gun Rights And Marijuana Act (GRAM);” would protect the Second Amendment rights of adults whose use of marijuana is permitted by state or tribal law. | Bill Details

US HR3088 – Titled “Untraceable Firearms Act of 2021;” would ensure all firearms are traceable by defining new terms “ghost gun” and “fire control component,” amending the definition of “manufacturing firearms” to include “3D printing a frame or receiver,” and adding “a frame or receiver…which requires modification…to be used as a functional firearm” to definition of frame or receiver. | Bill Details

US HR3252 – Titled “Federal Firearms Licensee Protection Act;” would enhance penalties for firearms thefts from certain FFLs and criminalize firearm theft from a shooting club or gun range that rents firearms. | Bill Details

US HR3299 – Titled “Protecting Our Communities Act;” would consider firearm assembly kits as firearms, define “armor-piercing, concealable weapon” as any weapon capable of being concealed and chambered in a round capable of penetrating law enforcement body armor (including 5.56 NATO, 7.62 NATO), and require NICS background check denials be reported to state law enforcement within 24 hours. | Bill Details 

US HR5878 – Titled “End Gun Violence Act of 2021;” would prohibit the sale or other disposition of firearms and ammunition to any person convicted of a violent misdemeanor, defined as having elements of the use, attempted use or threatened use of physical force or a deadly weapon, or the intent to cause or knowingly causing physical injury. | Bill Details

For questions or concerns regarding state and federal firearm regulations and how to stay ATF compliant, contact us for on-call FFL compliance services and learn how Orchid can protect your FFL.

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