Align Item Master and ATF Data

The product, customer and vendor data that resides within your systems impacts several areas of the business. Managed incorrectly, it can have an impact on customer-facing ads, regulated records such as the A&D or Bound Book, and even lead to financial issues such as duplicate payment of invoices.

We are staffed with industry-leading data analysts who can simplify, correct and controls your master file data. In fact, we’ve touched over 50 million regulated transactions and helped to identify upwards of 10 million A&D book issues all caused by master data problems. The following are a few benefits of working with our team.

  • Align regulated Product Master fields such as Model and Caliber to the markings applied on your firearms.
  • Aligned FFL and SOT information between your Customer Master, Vendor Master and ATF’s EZ Check Database.
  • Implement controls over your master files to eliminate any future corruption.

We live in a world of Big Data – take advantage of it.

Data flows from manufacturer to wholesalers to retail and pawn. Consumers purchase products online and at the Point of Sale. What is that data telling you? Quite a bit, actually. Orchid’s team of data analytics performs the largest file analysis in the US – upwards of 20 to 30 million records, understanding the flow of materials from raw material supplier to the retail counter. We utilize high-end, proprietary queries and tools to find problems and tell the story that human eyes cannot.

Contact us today to learn more about the following:

  • Product master file normalization
  • Vendor and customer master file normalization
  • SKU and inventory optimization
  • POS, consumer demand modeling
  • ATF A&D book (Bound Book) analysis
  • NFRTR analysis
  • Supplier rationalization
  • Duplicate payments and cost recovery analysis
  • and much more

National and Regional Pricing Across Every Firearms Category

Managing a retail firearms store comes with many challenges and opportunities. Identifying sources of inventory and stocking the right product at the right price is all part of running the business. Pricing your products too high can lead to lost sales and pricing them too low can impact your profits.

Example Reports (below):

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By enrolling in selected levels of, you’ll have access to the latest industry pricing data, trends and consumer insights to help you grow and optimize your retail operation.

So, how do you find the right price?

One of the key factors in price setting is understanding consumer sentiment, both locally in your market and across the country. FFL Insight provides firearm dealers (retail or pawn) with access to prices by category and sub-category. We help answer questions such as:

  • Were consumers willing to pay more or less for a rifle last month?
  • What was the average retail price of a Bond Arms Century 2000 pistol?

FFL Insight puts this data into your hands, the retail firearms decision maker. Take control of your inventory, your sales, and your profits by subscribing to FFL Insight today.

Monthly Retail Insight Access and Reports Delivered to You – Each month our team updates the FFL Insight page with the latest SKU, Category, and Subcategory prices across the United States. We have over 20,000 SKUs that permit firearm retailers to understand price trends and national pricing average by SKU.Subscribers will receive a monthly report, direct to their in-box with this information. Additionally, active subscribers will be able to logon and customize their search. Sort, search, and filter by fields such as:

  • Condition – New or used firearms
  • Category – Pistol, Revolver, Rifles, Suppressors and more.
  • Subcategory – Such as Semi-Automatic classifications.
  • Manufacturer – S&W, Ruger, Colt, Remington and many, many more.
  • Model – Cowboy Defender, M&P22, Century 2000, and 20,000 others.
  • SKU and Average Price


Wait, I have More Questions! Do you have a question? Don’t hesitate to contact us at or by calling 860.308.6315. Want to learn more, visit MarketPlace Insight.
We channel data from several sources that aggregate firearm traffic from both buyers and sellers. Over 18 million outdoor enthusiasts visit our sites and purchase firearms through their local firearm retailer and Point of Sale (POS) system. We aggregate that data from across the country and consolidate it monthly for you.

Wait, I have More Questions! Do you have a question? Don’t hesitate to contact us at or by calling 860.308.6315. Want to learn more, visit MarketPlace Insight.

FFL Insight is part of a much larger data source. The team at Marketplace Insight maintains a vast repository of firearm Point of Sale data and analytic experts. Our products just begin with static reports and end with highly customized demographic, geographic and FFL specific detail that includes the following.

  • Competitive Data – Market Share and Sales Trends by category, subcategory and overall. Model specific competitive trending and pricing.
  • Performance Data – Historical and predictive pricing analysis. Sales and unit trends, offering breakdown and contribution, and year over year performance. Buyer and Seller location and performance.
  • Geography-specific Market Data – Industry trends, patterns, and date performance.
  • Buyer Demographics – Customer demographic data on 18mm Unique monthly users.



Wait, I have More Questions! Do you have a question? Don’t hesitate to contact us at or by calling 860.308.6315. Want to learn more, visit MarketPlace Insight.

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