Preparing for the Busy Months Ahead

Are you ready?  We are in the peak of one busy season after another.  We’ve got hunting seasons opening and closing, the holiday season bringing shoppers out in the masses, and the many firearm product trade shows gearing up.   We thought it was a great time to give you a quick “Reminder List” to help you get prepared:

Firearm Sales:

  1. Be sure to double check each ATF F 4473 carefully while the customer is in front of you at the sales counter so any changes, if needed, can be made timely.
  2. ATF recommends that when purchasing a firearm as a gift, the customer purchase a gift card instead so that there is no confusion over the “Actual Buyer of the Firearm”question on the ATF F 4473.
  3. Be sure to have adequate employees available to work the sales floor during hunting and holiday seasons, you want to be able to serve all your customers and still have an eye out on security.
  4. Keep firearm display counters and racks locked and limit the number of firearms you bring out at a time to show customers.
  5. Don’t let too many completed ATF F 4473s pile up next to the sales counter before you populate your A&D Book with the customer information, the sooner you populate, the less risk you will have for error. 

Firearm Transportation:

  1. When flying with firearms, they must declared with your airline representative and must be stored unloaded in your checked baggage. See TSA’s website for details.
  2. When sending firearms out to trade shows for display/presentation but sure that they stay under the control of an employee of the FFL so a transfer is not required. See ATF Ruling 2010-1.
  3. When transporting firearms, ATF requires in 27 CFR 478.38 that the firearms be “unloaded, and neither the firearm nor any ammunition being transported is readily accessible or is directly accessible from the passenger compartment of such transporting vehicle”.
  4. When packaging shipments for transit, be sure not to make obvious the contents.Avoid using descriptive labels or recognized logos and names.
  5. Inventory trade show shipments before they leave your licensed place of business, once they arrive at the show, and again when they arrive back at your licensed place of business. If necessary report any unaccounted for product on an ATF Theft/Loss Report whether it is interstate or in inventory

What an exciting time of year it is!  Stay vigilant and proactive; plan ahead!  Best wishes for successful hunts, sales, and shows!