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Paperless 4473

Save money, time and space by storing your 4473s in the cloud.

Cloud-Based Digital
ATF 4473 Storage

Orchid eStorageTM provides secure cloud-based digital storage for FFLs and is fully integrated with 4473 Cloud. Now you can digitally store all of your FFL related documents, including 4473s!


Save money on printing and storage boxes, save space in your warehouse or gun vault and save time and payroll expenses on researching and completing ATF traces.


Search your uploaded 4473’s by name, address, TSN or serial number, to quickly access the form you need when you need it.


Store your 4473s in a Tamper Evident file format. It is the most secure, document retention digital format available on the market today.

Getting Started Is As Easy As 1-2-3


Sign Up For Orchid eStorageTM

Get started by contacting Orchid here and sign up for Orchid eStorageTM which gives you access you to upload FFL related documents to the cloud.


Sign Up for 4473 Cloud

4473 Cloud will assist you on submitting your variance to ATF and the required notification of the local ATF field division. Once your variance is approved you can start storing your 4473s digitally. Sign up here.


Launch Your Digital Storage

Make money by saving money. With every 4473 you load into the cloud, you put money back into your pocket and your business.


Retain your regulated documents eliminates the headache, and complexity inherent to maintaining paper documents. 


Storing your 4473 in the cloud is secured by the most flexible and secure cloud computing system available today.


Simple to upload, simple to search and find any 4473 and makes self-audits quick and painless.


Quickly and easily recall specific 4473s by multiple search fields. Saving you hours of searching, scanning, and refiling to complete ATF Trace Requests.

Looking To Store All Of Your FFL Related Documents in the Cloud?

Look No Further With Orchid eStorageTM

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