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August 03, 2022


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In June 2021, the Biden administration announced a new, comprehensive strategy to combat gun violence and other violent crimes. Taking aim at “rogue gun dealers,” the plan would establish a zero tolerance policy for FFLs that “willfully” violate ATF regulations.

To execute the policy, the administration called on ATF to increase inspections and enforcement actions taken against firearms companies, threatening to revoke licenses of dealers for their first citation of any of five specified violations.

Since then, the firearms industry has faced increased pressure and scrutiny. ATF inspections continue to rise each month as more FFLs find themselves facing revocation, with over 200 revocation notices issued in the past year, as stated by the ATF – far more than recent year totals combined.

With licenses on the line, how can FFLs best stay compliant and protect themselves?

Orchid Zero Tolerance Protection

At Orchid, our team of operations, technology and legal professionals understand the risks of today’s firearm businesses. For over a decade, we’ve worked with FFLs big and small to implement leading compliance best practices and software solutions to eliminate violations and protect licenses from revocation.

Over the next few months, we’ll share our expertise and experience in proactive compliance as we look closer at Biden’s zero tolerance policy and its impact on the firearms industry, review how to avoid and correct violations, and suggest ways to protect your FFL from the risk of revocation.

In the meantime, contact us today to schedule your in-person or remote mock ATF inspection, get started with leading compliance software, and enroll in an attorney-backed FFL Protection Plan. One phone call or email could protect your FFL from a zero tolerance revocation.

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