NRA Business Alliance Expands Affinity Partnership To Include AXIS POS And Gearfire eCommerce Applications

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NRA Business Alliance Expands Affinity Partnership To Include AXIS POS And Gearfire eCommerce Applications

June 17, 2019

FAIRFAX, VA – The National Rifle Association (NRA) Business Alliance program has expanded its benefits package by adding an affinity partnership to endorse firearms software from the Retail Technology Group (“RTG”) and Gearfire for in-store and online sale of shooting sports merchandise. The NRA Business Alliance, RTG and Gearfire partnership provides firearm industry retailers with access to the industry’s best in class in-store Point of Sale (POS) and online eCommerce platform. The NRA endorsed partnerships expands the organizations existing relationship with RTG’s and Gearfire’s sister company, Orchid Advisors to provide the industry with a comprehensive retail operations and regulatory compliance platform.

“The NRA Business Alliance is an integral part of our industry’s business operations,” says Executive Director of Sales and Marketing, Travis Glover. “The Business Alliance drives economic growth and regulatory compliance by providing new and existing businesses with discounted access to best-in-class tools. Their support of retail software applications and services which integrate sales, inventory management and ATF compliance is a testament to responsible growth. We are honored to partner with the NRA Business Alliance on this endeavor.”

In addition to the existing ATF and firearms compliance benefits offered through sister company Orchid Advisors and the NRA Business Alliance relationship, retail business owners’ access to RTG and Gearfire applications provide the following benefits:

  • A low-cost, monthly eCommerce solution, starting at $100 per month with no money down
  • An “omni-channel” software solution, permitting both online eCommerce sales and in-store counter sales
  • A simple, endless aisle of firearms and accessory products presented in an eComm and POS with live inventories from almost 20 of the industry’s largest distributors
  • The ability to reduce labor and inventory carrying costs by automatically replenishing inventory
  • An ATF compliant and integrated eBound Book, e4473, e3310.4 and eNICS application
  • Rage management and gunsmithing applications to create additional revenue streams
  • Access to a best-in-class POS/eCommerce conversion team to ease the transition from legacy applications or those platforms offered by non-endorsed software vendors

“The NRA Business Alliance is excited to introduce our expanded benefits offerings to our network of affiliated companies,” says Elizabeth Bush, Managing Director, Recreational Programs & Ranges.  “NRA values our affinity partnership with RTG and Orchid Advisors and the value it brings to our business members in providing access to products and services to help their companies succeed.”

New or existing firearms retailers, both online and in-store may learn more about the program by visiting the following NRA, RTG or Gearfire websites, respectively: , ,

About the NRA Business Alliance
The NRA Business Alliance was established in 1992 to provide NRA member businesses with a marketplace to sell goods and services to fellow NRA members. The NRA’s Business Alliance web site, service directory, member magazines and promotions, and NRA member businesses reach nearly four million NRA members. NRA Business Alliance members also enjoy many benefits including NRA member magazines.

About Retail Technology Group
The Minnesota based company, Retail Technology Group, is home to the development and support of AXIS™ Retail Management System, the first software solution developed exclusively to address the needs of the shooting sports retail and range operator. With over 400 locations using RTG systems, Retail Technology Group is the leading software provider in the shooting sport industry.

About Gearfire
Based in Scottsdale, AZ, Gearfire is a leading provider of eCommerce products and services for the firearm industry in the United States. Our solutions create an internet-based marketplace that captivates a new generation of customers accustomed to shop online. Gearfire offers powerful and comprehensive digital tools for Manufacturers, Distributors and Retailers alike, providing consumers with the largest selection of firearms and firearms accessories available.

About Orchid Advisors
Based out of Avon, CT, Orchid Advisors provides ATF and ITAR compliance services to manufacturing, distribution, and retail FFLs. The firm offers FFL and export licensing, deep record inspections, e4473 / NFA eForms, Electronic Bound Book software and delivers the largest online ATF and ITAR compliance training platform available.

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