NICS on the Numbers, Practically Speaking

Here’s some NICS on the numbers from the latest NICS newsletter:

  • 953,613 NICS checks were received the week of 12/17/2012-12/23/2012, making it the highest volume week;
  • 177,710 NICS checks were received 12/21/2012, making it the highest volume day;
  • 8 out of 10 of the highest volume days occurred 12/2012.

In its 7-page newsletter announcing these numbers, the FBI Criminal Justice Information Services Division also put out a list of tips and pointers for FFLs on processing NICS background checks.

Here are some highlights for you to quickly digest, until you have the opportunity to read the full newsletter.

1. Sign up for the NICS group e-mail address.  Only 8,000 FFLs are enrolled in this service out of some 136,000 total ATF-reported FFLs.  The NICS Section uses the group e-mail for notices of system outages, delays, and other pertinent information.  Any number of employees at an FFL can enroll.  It is a free service.
2. Enroll in the NICS E-Check to monitor the status of the background checks on a 24/7 basis.  NICS no longer accepts telephone call inquiries for an FFL status check.  Instructions on how to enroll are on the website and in the newsletter.  Maintain the confidentiality of your FFL number and codeword once you are enrolled in NICS E-Check to prevent unauthorized use.
3. If you continue to call in your NICS background check, complete the ATF Form 4473 before calling the NICS Section.
4. View the NICS training videos, requiring only 9-12 minutes of your time.  Topics NICS for FFLs, NICS for customers, and NICS appeals.
5. If a customer’s NICS background check is delayed or denied, give the customer an “NICS Resolution Card” with a completed NTN on the blank line at the bottom of the card.  This card includes information on how the customer can begin an appeals process.  The Privacy Act of 1974 prevents the FBI from giving the FFL the reason for the delay or denial over the telephone.

What’s handy about this particular issue of “NICS News” is that it provides this practical information and more in detail.  Signing up for this newsletter plus the ATF newsletter can at least give you some periodic notices of what’s going on at the FBI and the ATF relative to FFLs.

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