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The whole enchilada. This bundle is structured for the new firearm business owner who seeks to obtain their license while mastering retail, manufacturing and import / export firearm topics. The comprehensive bundle offers the greatest value by providing the most content for the least price. (Estimated Course Length: 16 Hours)

Includes Get My FFL plus All of the Following Courses:

  • Firearm Industry Business Fundamentals
  • Firearm Law and FFL Licensing Made Easy
  • FFL Bound Book (Acquisition and Disposition)
  • Retail Gun Store and Type 01 FFL Requirements
  • Manufacturing Firearms as a Type 07 or 10 FFL
  • National Firearms Act and the Special Occupational Tax License
  • FFL compliance Programs and Security
  • Firearm Imports and Exports
  • Extra Credit Topics in Compliance

Lifetime Access – Never Expires