#1 Electronic Bound Book / e4473 / eForms Software
Accessible Online, 24×7

This Electronic Bound Book Package Includes
Electronic Bound Book, e4473 / NFA eForms, and ATF eDocuments
Plus: Our Bonus Software and a Free Legal Consultation

If You Sell Under 10,000 Guns Per Year, Our Plans Include Everything Below!
(Contact Us If You Exceed This Volume)

Free 30 Day Trial or Prices Starting at $25 / mo
Unlimited Users and Unlimited Bound Books per FFL / SOT
Existing Bound Book Data Migration Support
Compliant With ATF Ruling 2016-1
Desktop, Laptop, iPads, Kiosk or Smartphone

Electronic Bound Book Transactions, Master Files and ATF Reports
Designed For All FFL Types: 01, 02, 03, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11
Title I / II Weapons; and Class 1, 2, or 3 SOTs
Global Business: Import / Export

An eBound Book and ATF eForms embedded in the FFLBizHub Portal along side Online Training, Barcode Applications,  and more.

Our Electronic Bound Book Options

FFLs come in all shapes and sizes. Some operate their business with Quickbooks while others rely on robust ERP and POS business systems such as SAP and Oracle.

Regardless of FFL size and business system, the desire for integration between ATF applications such as an Electronic Bound Book and a business systems vary widely. Fortunately, we offer a wide variety of solutions including: (1) A standalone online, cloud-based application that can be operational in 10 minutes; (2) An API-integrated, online cloud-based application; (3) An “on-premise” solution that does not require internet connectivity; and (3) A fully custom solution built directly into your ERP / POS business system.

The good news? These solutions start at $25 / month!

Easy to Read A&D Reports

Bulk or Scan SN Entry

Auto-Fill Industry Data

4473 / Multiple Sale Transfers

Simple Drop Down Menus


Barcode / Handling Unit Tool

ATF eDocument Letters

Data Entry “Type Ahead”

eA&D to Inventory ‘Taking’

Firearm Imports / Form 6 

NFA Firearms / Form 2

3 Important Decisions To Consider Before Buying A Bound Book 

How Will You Manage
Your Regulated Data?
Which Software Option
Is Right for Your FFL?
How Will You Ensure
That It Makes a Difference?
If you move to a new Electronic Bound Book, correct data must be loaded.

If you upgrade from another Electronic Bound Book, data must be cleansed and migrated.

Regulated Data – Inspected by,
The Federal Government

Do you trust a software vendor to manage Regulated data and its migration?
Most won’t touch it.

Do you need state-level controls,
NFA Forms, ATF F 4473 and controls to manage waiting periods?Your software vendor will design an application that’s the easiest and fastest to use – is that what you really want?What if your employee drags and drops 100 incorrect serial numbers.Simple – yes. Quick – yes. Compliant – nope.
Stating that your software is 2016-1 compliant does very little other than meeting a basic requirement.

Suppose You’ve Chosen an Integrated Bound Book and e4473 Solution – If you make an error – how and where do you fix it? Can you correct your Master Data to ensure compliance moving forward?

Selling and installing software is the easy part – making it work for your FFL and your operation is the magic.

Over 500 FFLs have trusted us to:

Audit and migrate over 65,000,000 Electronic Bound Book Transactions (That’s more than the ATF!)

We use highly technical tools designed by former ATF, Firearm Attorneys and data experts.

We guarantee a successful migration and implementation.

Over 500 FFLs have trusted us to:

Provide turnkey, web-based ATF compliance software.

Custom solutions, directly integrated with their ERP and POS for giants such as Smith & Wesson, Remington, Colt, Big 5 Sporting Goods and more.

We focus on your business objectives and drive compliance with state of the art technology.

Over 500 FFLs have trusted us to:

Ensure their business processes that feed A&D/4473 data are accurate.

Utilize our former ATF investigators, Firearm attorneys, and former FFL executives to train staff.

We focus on your next inspection and provide you the knowledge, tools and support you need to rest assured you are compliant.

ATF Compliant

Our FFL software is constantly updated, keeping you current with ATF Rulings and State regulations.


We don’t sell one-size-fits all packages. Select only what you need for your operation. Plus, all new users can access 30 Days Free Trial.

Time Saving

FFLBizHub.com brings technology and ATF compliance together in one location, saving your FFL time and money.

ATF, NFA, State and Import

Our software and tools cover all major firearm industry regulations and transactions. Created by FFLs for FFLs.

Instant Access & Support

Select your options, login and go – but we don’t stop there. Want one-on-one support? You’ve got it.

Trusted By the Industry

Orchid Advisors' FFLBizHub is the only firm endorsed by the four leading trade associations, who liaise directly with ATF, DDTC, and other regulators, and staff by leading industry professionals.

For Every FFL

Perfect for startup FFLs, mid-sized retailers and giant firearm manufacturers – easy to scale with your growth.

Access On Any Device

Cloud based, always on, and always available. Access from your desktop, laptop, kiosk, iPad or smart phone.

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