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FFL Software Overview

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Overview of All FFL Software and Payment Solutions Offered by Orchid
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Orchid eBound™

The simplest, most compliant and most trusted FFL compliance software for A&D bound books & ATF form 4473

Orchid eStorage™

Reduce your paper printing costs and ATF risk with Orchid’s cloud-based digital storage for FFL documents

Orchid Pay™

Reliably accept credit card payments for firearm transactions in-store or online without anti-firearm bias

Orchid POS™

Orchid POS™ is the industry’s most robust cloud-based software for single and multi-store retail and range FFLs

Orchid eCommerce™

The most inexpensive full-service firearm website that natively integrates with Orchid POSTM

Orchid Gun Show POS™

Manage and scan barcoded firearm inventory, prices, discounts and more with Orchid’s ultra-mobile POS

Orchid ERP™

Full factory functional ERP blue printing and expert data management

Orchid eSerial™

The first and only application designed to integrate firearm lasers, ERP software & eBound applications

Orchid eState™

Conduct manual or real-time, API integrated searches

Looking for Card Payment Devices and POS Hardware?

Select from mobile, handheld, countertop and POS payment card devices fit for your business.

Pair payment devices seamlessly with Orchid POS™, Orchid Pay™, Orchid ERP™ and Orchid eBound™.



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