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Zero Tolerance
Rapid Assessment

$499 Could Save Your FFL

Pushed by the current Administraion, the ATF has been forced to inspect FFLs against the Zero Tolerance standards sometimes resulting in warning conferences and license revocations. This low cost solution provides Attorney and FFL / Expert review of your recent activity and a customized action plan. 


Access to Flat Rate Attorney - Client Privilege


Get a Baseline Review of Prior ATF Report of Violation


Expert Review of Your Last 30 ATF Form 4473s


Expert Analysis on 30 days A&D Book Entries


Get a Customized Action Report from ATF Expert and Attorney Philip Milks

Need More than a Rapid Assessment?™

Enroll in an Orchid FFL Protection Plan™

The Orchid FFL Protection Plan™ is the ultimate program for FFL compliance with federal and state gun laws. FFLs that join Orchid experience broad areas of coverage with the most simple to use tools and expert resources.

FFL owners and operations benefit from access to leading firearm industry attorneys, former ATF Industry Operations Investigators (IOIs) and FFL technology experts. Our program combines years of FFL industry experience into five simplified stages that guide FFLs through the most complex ATF inspections and firearm laws.

It Begins with Orchid’s Five Keys to Compliance

Baseline Your FFL Compliance with the Firearm Laws

Eliminate Recurring FFL Legal and Compliance Risks

Proactively Maintain Licenses or Apply for a New FFL or SOT

Drive Employee Compliance with Best-in-Class FFL Training

Confidently Deploy FFL Compliance Software

Meet Your FFL Program Leaders 

Attorny Milks and Mr. Grigerek bring over 50 years of dedicated firearm industry experience. They’ve worked with thousands of retail and manufacturing FFLs helping them prepare for and respond to ATF inspections. Attorney Milks and Mr. Grigerek are experts in firearm law and ATF regulation and have worked with former ATF IOIs to design our FFL Protection Programs.

Phil Milks

Attorney Philip Milks
VP of Regulatory Services

Expert in Firearm Law, Regulations,
Firearm Manufacturing Compliance and
ATF Inspection / Revocations


Mr. Scott Grigerek
Manager, FFL Customer Success

Expert in ATF Form 4473, FBI NICS, Multiple
Sales Forms, NFA Forms and ATF Inspections

Rapid Response
Firearm Law and FFL Compliance Help Desk

Submit Questions To Your Experts

Get Timely Responses From FFL Experts

Why is the Orchid FFL Protection Plan™ 
The #1 FFL Compliance Program For Firearm Laws?


Five program options provides a much simpler platform to improve compliance and legally protect your FFL. Learn more


Not a bait and switch that will eventually cost you major legal fees.


Provided by the only firm with legal, compliance, technology and payment products. Our large base of FFL clients provides you with economies of scale.


Access to the only software-driven state firearm compliance tool.


Orchid FFL Protection Plan™ goes beyond basic legal services and includes a deep understanding of FFL operations, firearm construct, state firearm laws and more.


Don’t get nickel and dimed with NFA and other program upgrades.


Compare over 100 online training modules to other offerings which stop at 10.


And much more!

Zero Tolerance Rapid Assessment
and FFL Protection PlansTM

Offering Far Greater Value at a Much Lower Price
Compare Us Today and Join the Ultimate FFL Protection Plan

Establish a Zero Tolerance Compliance Baseline
Orchid Insights and FFL Legal News Stay current on the most pressing federal and state firearm laws, regulatory updates and firearms compliance education.
Zero Tolerance - Access to Flat Rate Attorney - Client Privilege Protection plan members gain access to flat rate, attorney / client privileged services from our partner firm, FFL Law.
Zero Tolerance - Baseline Review of Prior ATF Report of Violations Every program starts with a review of your last ATF Inspection Report of Violations (ROV) for key triggers related to GCA / NFA laws and future inspection risks.
Zero Tolerance - Quick Hit Review of Last 30 ATF Form 4473s Our retail FFL experts will dedicate up to two hours reviewing your most recent 30 days of 4473 activity. The review will include completeness of form entry.
Zero Tolerance - Quick Hit Review of Last 30 days A&D Book Entries Our ATF inspection efforts will perform a high level review of transactions for the last 30 days. Areas of analysis include book structure, completeness of firearm detail field entry and transaction order.
ATF Digital - Orchid eBound and e4473 Subscription Included Orchid eBound and its digital 4473 have over 100 software controls to reduce compliance risk. No cost application only permitted for Retail FFLs with 1 store.
Zero Tolerance - Action Report from ATF Expert and Attorney Philip Milks
Eliminate FFL Legal and Compliance Risk
Live 24x7 Legal and Compliance Help Desk (Including NFA) All clients have access to contact the industry's only live 24x7 Help Desk with questions about firearm laws and FFL compliance topics. Unlike other programs there is no upcharge for NFA topics such as trusts and NFA forms.
Orchid FFL Protection Plan™ Facility Compliance Posters Stay in front of compliance issues with employee visual reminders of key firearm laws and ATF compliance regulations such as identifying straw purchases and properly marking firearms.
Attorney Drafted ATF Communications (eDocs) Access the first and only software with attorney pre-drafted ATF communications such as license renewals, offsite storage notifications and other key correspondence.
Comprehensive Orchid Mock ATF Inspection and Action Report (Travel separate) Select Orchid FFL Protection Plans offer annual, on-site inspection services with a program written by former ATF IOIs and firearm attorneys. Upon completion of the annual audit you'll receive a customized roadmap to remediate identified issues and remain ATF compliant.
Live ATF Inspection Response Team If ATF shows up at your door you will be prepared with Orchid's FFL Keys to Compliance™ and company policies. However, if you momentarily forget or you are unsure of what to do you can contact us immediately. If desired, we can arrange to be on-site as soon as reasonably possible or we can walk you through the process step by step. Our professionals have extensive experience with ATF inspections and have been involved in inspections comprised of hundreds of thousands of serial numbers, tens of thousands of records, and decades of ATF paperwork.
Recurring Bound Book Monitoring and Action Report ATF compliance isn't a one-time event and staying on top of FFL transactions is critical to a safe operation. Our FFL Bound Book monitor continuously tests transactions in your Orchid eBoundTM book for potential ATF inspection violations.
ATF e4473 vs Paper Usage Report Are you using an e4473 but finding some store employees continue to use paper forms? Easily monitor usage with our e4473 usage reports. (requires use of Orchid eBound)
Orchid eState Access Orchid eStateTM is the first and only software app that allows you to determine what type of firearm is lawful in which state without reading tediously through hundreds of laws and regulations. The app addresses assault weapons laws, magazine restrictions, and NFA restrictions (excluding silencers). The app also provides links to relevant laws should you desire to research further on your own.
Obtain and Maintain Licenses
Review of Legal Entity Structure and Licensing Structure If your forming or changing legal entity structures that can have an impact on your FFL. We'll review your legal entities, organization chart and related responsibilities to avoid compliance issues or filing delays as they progress through ATF's Federal Firearms Licensing Center located in Martinsburg, West Virginia.
Review and Recommend FFL "Responsible Persons" Much like legal entity structure leadership roles and responsibilities have an impact on your FFL. We'll offer insight or monitor your organizational structure and make recommendations regarding your ATF FFL Responsible Persons notifications.
Access to All 15 Get My FFL and SOT Courses If this is your firearm Federal Firearms License or Special Occupational Tax license then you'll want to immerse yourself in targeted online classes. All members are granted access to 15 modules focused on FFL and SOT licensing.
Live filing support for FFL / SOT licensing (upgrade) As an optional upgrade, individuals seeking new licenses can obtain live, one-on-one support for maximum assistance.
Confidently Deploy FFL Software
Pre-Migration Review of A&D Manufacturer and Firearm Types Changing FFL compliance software is no joke and we don't expect you to rely on the guidance of your software provider. Orchid FFL Protection Plan members get direct software migration assistance, evaluating compliance with critical A&D / Bound Book fields (Orchid eBoundTM only).
Pre-Migration Review of Importer / Country of Import Fields Changing FFL compliance software is no joke and we don't expect you to rely on the guidance of your software provider. Orchid FFL Protection Plan members get direct software migration assistance, evaluating compliance with critical A&D / Bound Book fields (Orchid eBoundTM only).
Pre-Migration Review of All A&D Fields Changing FFL compliance software is no joke and we don't expect you to rely on the guidance of your software provider. Orchid FFL Protection Plan members get direct software migration assistance, evaluating compliance with critical A&D / Bound Book fields (Orchid eBoundTM only).
Onboard and Train FFL Staff
FFL Keys to Compliance™ and Company Policies Firearm attorneys and former ATF employees have crafted proprietary, step-by-step guides on the most pertinent firearm laws. Key topics include: NFA Keys to SOT Compliance™, FFL Security Guidebook, Introduction to the Firearm Industry, A Working Guide to the Firearms Industry, Serialized Inventory Analysis for the Firearms Industry, Automatic Enrollment to FFL Law Newsletters and Advisories and more.
Access to All FFL University Online Courses Welcome to the most comprehensive online university for FFL education. We’ve packed over 100 modules into 13 courses that will guide your FFL employees staying on day one. Begin with an introduction to the industry, GCA / NFA laws, firearms compliance and track employee progress through the portal.
Discount to the Firearms Industry Conference For almost 10 years Orchid has hosted the industry's largest in-person event focused on GCA / NFA law, ATF compliance, ATF technology and more. Orchid FFL Protection Plan members gain access to this one of a kind event at a discount.
Zero Tolerance Rapid Assessment
$499 One Time
Zero Tolerance Rapid Assessment+
$699 One Time
Protection Plan Light
$75 mo
1 session per month
3 Employees
Protection Plan Plus
$145 mo
1 session per month
10 Employees
Protection Plan Pro
$395 mo
2 sessions per month
All Employees

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