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Announcing Orchid’s 2023 Cyber Services campaign and the discounted launch of Orchid Auto Audit and an Unlimited ATF Compliance Services Offer.

Written by Austin Alterio


November 27, 2023


Auto Audit Discounted Offer

Why Do I Need Orchid Auto Audit and Unlimited ATF Compliance Services

We’re proud of the 6,000-plus users who rely on Orchid eBound daily. But we’ve also come to find that so many of you seek additional eyes and ears to monitor your bound book transactions or need a lifeline when you have ATF compliance questions.

Our Cyber Services campaign provides recurring digital analysis of your Orchid Bound book transactions, with nearly 50 tests performed daily, weekly, or monthly. And for retailers, this includes a daily review of your Orchid e4473s!

Results are automatically sent to your email in an easy-to-read report. Learn more about Auto Audit with the following insightful video: orchidadvisors.com/fflpp.

In addition, we’re offering unlimited ATF compliance advisory with live experts at a fraction of the price. Compare the prices below to one hour of compliance support offered throughout the industry, ranging from $250 – $450 / hr.

What is the Discounted Offer?

We’ve prepared the following offer based on your FFL type and size. Payment is due by credit card no later than November 30. Enrollment in the program is immediate.  Offer options include:

  • Auto Audit Only (one year)
  • Auto Audit + Unlimited ATF Services** (both for one year)
  • Auto Audit + Unlimited ATF Services** (both for two years)
  • Auto Audit + Unlimited ATF Services** (both for three years)


How Do I Enroll in the Discounting Cyber Services Campaign?

Contact our sales team and let us know your preferred subscription. We’ll send you a credit card payment link and immediately enroll you in the service. Upon enrollment, you’ll receive a digital historical review of your transaction.


Terms of the Offer

  • Offer ends November 30, 2023
  • Payment must be made by November 30, 2023
  • *Savings range from 33% to 45% depending on the number of years purchased and FFL type
  • **Excludes on-site inspection support or legal services from our sister firm, Orchid Law. Both of which can be purchased separately.