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ATF Removes In-Person Certification Requirement for eForm 4 Submissions

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June 14, 2022


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When the ATF updated its eForms system in late December 2021, the entire firearms industry rejoiced at the return of the eForm 4 and the promise of quicker turnaround times for application approval. But while most of the new submission process was done electronically through the eForms portal and in-store Silencer Shop kiosks, the ATF still required individual registrants to complete the eForm 4 “while physically present” at the dealer.

That is until earlier this month, when Silencer Shop received written confirmation from the ATF of the removal and deletion of the requirement from the eForm 4 submission process, allowing individual registrants to join applicants filing as a trust or corporation to access remote certification.

By removing the in-person requirement, individuals will no longer have to travel to a dealer’s location to certify their eForm 4, further streamlining the process for both gun owners and FFLs.

“Now stamp collectors can certify their application the same way they order the items on our site: from the comfort of their own home,” said Silencer Shop CEO, Dave Matheny, in a press release.

While eForm 4 approval is expected within 90 days, reports of approved applications vary online, ranging from a single day to nearly 140 days. Still, eForm applications are being approved far quicker than the paper alternatives, which average 12–14 months.

For questions regarding ATF NFA eForms, contact nfa.eforms.item@atf.gov.

View recent eForm 4 application wait times from Silencer Shop and stay tuned to Orchid for the latest news impacting FFLs and the firearms industry.

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