ATF Processing eForms 4 in 100 Days

Written by Orchid


July 18, 2022


White text atop red background next to photo of suppressor and rifle ammunition atop ATF Form 4

Earlier this year, we reported the first ATF eForm 4 applications filed since the ATF eForms system was updated were being approved in 90 days or less, with user-submitted data averaging under 60 days. However, at the time of that writing, the Bureau had yet to update the “official” average processing times for the eForm 4 posted on its website. On June 30, 2022, the ATF did just that.

According to the ATF, eForm 4 applications “filled out correctly and completely” are now being approved, on average, in 100 days. While 10 days longer than initial expectations, gun owners who file electronically are no longer waiting 12-plus months to receive tax stamps and take their suppressors home like those who previously filed or continue to file paper applications. Updated data aggregated by National Gun Trusts backs this up, too.

In April, eForm 4 processing times were only submitted for 18 states, compared to 39 states today. From these states, the average processing time is just over 97 days – within the 100 days reported by the ATF. Of the 39, Missouri posted the quickest approval (51 days) while Utah posted the slowest (200 days), though it’s impossible to verify the number of submissions or their accuracy. For example, Maryland has an average processing time of 257 days; longer than the eForm 4 has been available.

Map of U.S. color coded based on average processing time of ATF eForm 4

National Gun Trusts also posts average processing times by application type – individual or gun trust. Currently, individual eForm 4 applications are being approved in exactly 90 days while gun trusts are being processed in 133 days.

Good news for both gun owners and FFLs of all types, we’ll continue to keep an eye on ATF eForms and the growth of the suppressor market. Contact Orchid’s trusted in-house legal and compliance professionals to learn more about the proper manufacturing, storage, and selling of suppressors and how to navigate ATF eForms.

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