ATF Guidance – November 2012 FFL Newsletter

In an effort to keep Federal firearms licensees (FFLs) abreast of changing Federal firearms laws and regulations, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) will provide semiannual FFL Newsletters. Previous editions of the FFL Newsletters are available on ATF’s Web site.

The November 2012 FFL Newsletter contains information on the following important topics:

  • Customer Service Standards
  • Reminder: Top 10 Frequently Asked Firearms Questions and Answers
  • Receive Firearms Industry News
  • Electronic Devices Used to Verify Change of Address
  • Government Issued Documents Bearing an Incorrect Zip Code
  • PCS Orders and Military Dependants Purchasing Firearms
  • Licensed Manufacturer’s Registration Requirement with the Department of State, Directorate of Defense Trade Control (DDTC)
  • Firearms Lost or Stolen from Interstate Shipments
  • Guidance to FFLs Affected by Flooding and Other Natural Disasters
  • Ethnicity and Race on the ATF Form 4473
  • Firearms Shipments via Common or Contract Carrier
  • Out-of-Business Procedures
  • Out-of-Business with Succession
  • Residence as a Licensed Business Premises
  • New Move in EPS
  • Who to Contact with your Firearms Related Questions
  • FBI NICS New