Alert – Orchid Advisors Announces First SAP-ERP Firearms Compliance Solution

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Alert – Orchid Advisors Announces First SAP-ERP Firearms Compliance Solution

Today, Orchid Advisors announces the first Firearms Compliance Solution specifically designed to enhance ATF, Import and Export compliance requirements throughout the entire firearms industry. This is the first commercially available solution that embeds best-in-class business processes, software logic, and real-time monitoring features into modern-day and legacy systems.

This solution is based on modern processes and internal controls and has been leveraged to various software platforms including SAP. The solution has modules designed to integrate with SAP to support Procurement, Import, Production, Assembly, Inventory, Order Management, Shipping and Scrap processes.

Along with the press release of the SAP-ERP Solution, Orchid Advisors is also announcing the availability of two best-in-class whitepapers packed with case studies on firearms compliance technical innovation and examples of how “leading clients” are adopting Orchid’s Compliance Ecosystem™ methodology.

The whitepapers, (1) Firearms Industry Compliance – Leading Technologies and (2) The Firearms Compliance Ecosystem™ demonstrate the significant step forward Orchid Advisors is making for the industry. These whitepapers can be found at

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