Alert – Fraud Alert Issued by the ATF

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The ATF issued an Advisory Letter (dated March 7, 2014) about an online scam using fraudulent Federal Firearms Licenses. The scam lures purchasers using an online firearm advertisement. When the purchaser responds, they receive an invalid, counterfeit copy of what appears to be a valid Federal Firearms License. After payments are made, the advertised firearm(s) is not received by the purchaser and the fraudulent seller removes the Internet advertisement.

Any FFL with a copy of what appears to be a valid Federal Firearms License can be authenticated the license using “FFL eZ Check” on the ATF website or by calling the ATF Federal Firearms Licensing Center at (877) 560-2435. 

The public can access a downloadable list of Federal Firearms Licensees from the ATF website in the Excel or .txt platform, by state, updated monthly.

The ATF request that anyone with information on this or other fraudulent activity can contact the FBI, the Federal Trade Commission, the state’s Attorney General’s office or a local law enforcement agency.

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