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25 Major Orchid eBound/e4473 Enhancements Made in 2022

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December 27, 2022


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Orchid eBound is the firearm industry’s simplest, most compliant, and most trusted cloud-based acquisition and disposition (A&D) bound book and electronic ATF Form 4473 application. Used by FFLs small and large – including manufacturers who produce 75% of all U.S. firearms annually – eBound processes over 35,000 firearm transactions every month. Still, we are always looking for ways to enhance and improve upon Orchid’s FFL software.

Throughout the past year, our team of technology and operations experts has diligently worked to develop and implement new eBound features and functionality – many of which were requested by Orchid customers. And while there were far too many to list them all, below are 25 major Orchid eBound/e4473 enhancements made in 2022:

Orchid eBound/e4473 Enhancements (2022)

Applications & Integrations

FBI NICS Integration
Functionality is for customers who use FBI NICS for entry of background checks.

Orchid eState 2.0 (State Restrictions)
The Orchid eState application has been completely rebuilt to enhance its usability across all 50 states. In addition to the GCA firearm legislative updates, we’ve also added new products, including magazines, suppressors, and other NFA devices. Current subscribers should know that the tool will continue to be updated regularly as legislation evolves. For those who do not subscribe to Orchid eState, please know that the application is available in the Orchid Software Portal in a manual-mode or via API for direct connectivity to manufacturing ERP solutions.

Orchid eStorage (Digital Storage and FFL On-File)
Orchid eStorage natively integrates with Orchid eBound and provides an electronic repository for the storage of all ATF-related documents (except for the ATF Form 4473). Such documentation includes vendor/customer FFLs, NFA forms, firearm destruction photos, inspection materials and more. The Orchid eStorage application natively integrates with the Orchid ATF EZ Check API and Orchid eBound to ensure users can check the status of FFL copies held on file. Users of Orchid eBound and Orchid eStorage will be able to view red/green status indicators and thumbnail views of FFLs directly in our standard transactions, such as Receive and FFL Transfer. Orchid eStorage is sold separately but doesn’t require additional programming to enable its use. Electronic storage of Forms 4473 requires 4473 Cloud and an ATF approved variance.

4473 Cloud Integration
Our integration to 4473 Cloud (4473cloud.com) is now operational and being used by several FFLs. Any Orchid eBound customer who would like to use the integration should subscribe to the 4473 Cloud service. Use of the 4473 Cloud-Orchid eBound integration does not require additional programming and can be enabled by toggling the account activation switch and accepting the terms of use. There are no additional fees for this Orchid service.

Orchid eSerial (Firearm Laser Marking Control)
Orchid eSerial is designed to integrate your Orchid eBound account with laser marking devices, such as those from Rofin, Trumpf, Jimani and others. The application is semi plug-and-play, with an available API and middleware application (depending on laser model) to connect your software and hardware. Orchid eSerial users can define serial number ranges by firearm model or part number, reserve or block individual numbers, and report on their status. Orchid eSerial automatically acquires firearms into your Orchid eBound account based on regulated data that is maintained in your Orchid eBound part master. Orchid eSerial is sold separately and requires an implementation to connect the API to your laser device.

Orchid IM (Inventory Management)
Orchid IM is a serialized inventory management system that natively integrates with your Orchid eBound account. The new application permits the management of inventory by user-defined locations, such as a region, facility, department, room, cage/crib, safe, shelf, or employee for 2010-1 temporary assignments. Additionally, Orchid IM provides broader user access control to now include “Inventory Manager” and “Inventory Control” levels. Orchid IM is sold separately but requires no additional programming to enable its use.

Orchid eCommerce API (eCommerce-eBound Integration)
We have enabled API access to identify, reserve, and sell the available on-hand inventory found in a user’s Orchid eBound. The Orchid eCommerce API streams available serial numbers to your own or a third-party website for sale. The API also accepts a return call to hold or “reserve” serial numbers sold online for consumer pickup and transfer. Orchid eCommerce API is sold separately but requires no additional programming to enable its use.

Bound Book Functionality

Bulk Corrections Tool
Corporate Admin Users now have the capability to correct up to 1,000 serial numbers and in a manner that complies with ATF Ruling 2016-1. When using the tool, only the “corrected” records will show in the Bound Book Search and the before and after condition will be recorded in the Corrections Log. Please note, neither serial numbers nor Row ID can be modified in this tool.

Correction Notes
Users now have the option to add a non-regulated note to a record in the Corrections Tool. Company Admins may also edit or delete prior notes on this screen.

Serial Number Inventory Tool (SNIT) 2.0
The Serial Number Inventory Tool (SNIT) is used to compare Bound Book inventory against physical inventory. The SNIT process is modeled after a common ATF mock inspection and can be used to identify unwanted on-or-off book firearms. SNIT has been revamped to fully integrate with your Bound Book(s) without having to upload Open Dispositions separately. All Orchid eBound users have access to SNIT under ‘FFL Management.’ We have also fixed minor bugs and added speed enhancements to the reporting.

User Tracking on Customer, Vendor and Part Master
Users now have visibility as to who added or edited a record in the Customer, Vendor and Part Master. Each record will now be tagged with the last user that either added or updated the record and the update date.

Firearm Types
“Firearm” is now a valid Firearm Type within Orchid eBound.

Electronic ATF Form 4473

ATF Final Ruling 2021R-05F Compliance
We have updated the layout of the ATF PDF Report download file in compliance with ATF Final Rule 2021R-05F.

Form 4473 Section B Review Prior to Certification
Previously, an FFL completing a Form 4473 was not provided the ability to review the transferee’s responses to Section B for administrative errors. With this release, we’ve included an optional Section B review toggle (found in Account Settings) that alters the 4473 workflow. In the new workflow, the transferee will submit responses to Questions 9-20, prior to the prohibiting questions, back to the FFL for review. The transferee will have one additional pass to correct their administrative details prior to acknowledging and signing Section B. Please note, the toggle switch is defaulted to ‘Off,’ which will maintain the legacy workflow of the 4473 until changed.

FBI NICS Checks Older than 30 Days
Transfers greater than 30 days beyond the NICS check date require the FFL to perform a new NICS check and either: (a) start a new Form 4473, or (b) amend the 4473 in a method permissible by the regulations. This enhancement provides users with the following: (1) a popup notification that the intended transfer date is beyond 30 days; and (b) the opportunity to enter a new NICS date without starting a completely new form. The original NICS date will be a strikethrough (not deleted) and accompanied by the amended date.

Data & Reporting

Automated Daily Backup Tool
Users now have the option to utilize the automated daily backup tool via FTP or Dropbox. Please contact Orchid to get started with the backup tool or if you would like to switch from Dropbox to FTP.

Operations Report
We’ve enhanced the Transfer Report and renamed it the Operations Report to better align with its new and broader capabilities. We also added the ability to filter results by Disposed to/Customer Name, Transaction Note, and/or Item No./SKU. The report is now sorted by Disposition Date and Serial Number by default for greater usability. Users can also run the Operations Report for FFL Transfers, Exempt Transfers, completed 4473s, and destruction transactions. Reports can be filtered by Customer Name, Notes, Transaction date and/or Item No/SKU. “Transfers” has been renamed to “FFL Transfers.” In addition, users can filter by Item No/SKU by either using exact match or broad match.

One-Click FFL Transfer Report
A new report is now available on the FFL Transfer screen that mirrors the Operations Report. When a user hits the Save button, a PDF of the Operations Report will automatically download with the latest transfers. This feature is available when the “Download PDF Transfer Report” toggle switch is turned on to the left of the Save button on the FFL Transfer screen.

ATF National Tracing Center (NTC) Report
FFLs seeking to participate in the voluntary submission of firearm trace data are required to follow an ATF-defined format for upload to the National Tracing Center (NTC). We have created a report that mirrors this format, but with the minimal amount of required information. The most current, plus the prior two months, reports are now accessible from the “ATF NTC Report” link. Reports are automatically sent from our server to yours for posting to the NTC. Please note, the data transmission to your server (and IP address), and subsequently to ATF’s, is a requirement of the program. The ATF will not permit the send of data from an IP address other than your own. For additional questions regarding ATF Traces or the NTC process, please contact our regulatory compliance team.

Ability to Export Master Data
Users may now export their Customer, Vendor and Part Master data directly from Orchid eBound into a .csv File.

User Experience

Orchid eBound Dashboard
The Dashboard has been reorganized to simplify access to eBound transactions, Reporting and FFL Management/Configuration. All transactions (Operating, Retail and Special) are now grouped together at the top of the eBound Dashboard with their supporting reports underneath.

Serial Number ‘Entry’ Count and Pre-Count Toggle
Several clients asked for a live counter on each standard transaction screen that would enable them to see how many serialized units have been entered. The counter was added in the lower right of each transaction screen above the list of serial numbers. Additionally, we’ve added a toggle switch in Account Settings whereby an Account Admin can turn off the requirement to enter a serial number pre-count.

Part Master Type-Ahead
Regulated fields in the Part Master have been updated to type-ahead fields, similar to Standard Transactions.

Auto Logout
In accordance with prevailing security practices, eBound users will now be automatically logged out of the application if the user has been idle for four (4) hours.

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