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Announcing the Launch of FFLBizHub.com
Developed In Conjunction With The Four Leading Firearm Industry Associations

FFLBizHub.com is a trusted platform that facilitates entry, licensing and growth in the firearms industry. Its members gain access to low cost, high value tools for running their business operations while navigating Federal ATF and State firearms compliance. FFLBizHub.com was developed in conjunction with the four leading industry associations and participating software and service providers.

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Firearm business owners trust Orchid Advisors to lead mission critical projects because we have a unique ability to open global import/export markets, drive financial growth, and reduce the costs and risks of ATF compliance.

We’re focused on the growth of regulated business, not only defense, and deploy nationally recognized business consultants, former attorneys, industry executives, and former ATF investigators.

Enable your business with ERP/POS driven processes to improve manufacturing, inventory management, and financial reporting.

Our team will help you make, distribute, and sell the right product, on-time with competitive intelligence and business transformation services.

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Our clients dominate in retail, leverage global markets, significantly reduce inventory loss, and save on defensive legal fees by investing in a proactive approach to compliance – all while boosting internal growth through smarter operations management.

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