Jeff Grody
Principal and Firearm Export / ITAR Practice Lead

BA, Public and International Affairs, Princeton University
JD, Columbia University School of Law

Jeff helps clients in the firearms industry build great export compliance programs and collaborate with international partners – without violating export regulations — in the design, sourcing, manufacture, licensing and sale of firearms, components, tools and accessories. Many of Jeff’s clients are U.S. affiliates of global companies with operations in the firearms industry. Jeff identifies export-related opportunities and risks and provides means for addressing them. Jeff has facilitated countless military and commercial firearms transactions in more than 90 countries. An attorney by training, Jeff has worked exclusively in the firearms industry since 2005.

Practice Specialty

  • International firearms business growth
  • Firearms import and export regulations
  • Manufacturing License Agreements (MLAs)
  • Technical Assistance Agreements (TAAs)
  • Warehouse and Distribution Agreements (WDAs)
  • Government contracts
  • Firearm facility relocations and M&A / Due diligence

Firearm Regulatory Expertise

  • Gun Control Act (GCA)
  • Arms Export Control Act (ACA)
  • International Traffic in Arms (ITAR)
  • OSHA and Environmental regulations

Previous Employment

  • Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, Colt Defense
  • Partner, Day, Berry & Howard LLP (now Day Pitney LLP)

Notable Accomplishments and Roles

  • Zero significant compliance issues during nearly ten-year leadership of Colt Defense compliance functions.
  • Supervised legal and compliance work on $250+ million of foreign firearms sales
  • Captained legal team on 10+ firearm industry financings.
  • Led legal team on 10+ firearm industry merger and acquisition transactions
  • Participated in 20+ firearm industry due diligence projects
  • Designed a $75 million Manufacturing License Agreement between U.S. manufacturer and Asian partner