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Orchid Expands Its Team with Seasoned Firearm Industry Professionals

Written by Orchid


September 14, 2023



Hartford, CT – Orchid, the leader in FFL technology, payment processing, and firearm and explosives compliance services, proudly announces the addition of three accomplished firearm industry professionals to its growing team. Aimee Schoonover, Kelly Lahti, and Toni Hendrickson bring a collective experience of nearly 30 years to Orchid, reinforcing the company’s commitment to delivering top-tier solutions and service to its clients.

“We are thrilled to welcome Aimee, Kelly and Toni to the Orchid family,” said Leland Nichols, Chief Strategy and Business Development Officer of Orchid. “Their exceptional backgrounds and dedication to the firearms industry align perfectly with our commitment to delivering top-tier solutions and service to our clients. As Orchid continues to grow and evolve, we are confident that these talented individuals will play pivotal roles in our success.”


Aimee Schoonover, is a seasoned professional in the firearms industry with over 10 years of experience. Her impressive track record includes serving as the Director of Accounts at Gearfire, where she oversaw the eCommerce customer service department. Aimee’s dedication to customer satisfaction and her leadership abilities were recognized when she was named Employee of the Year in 2021. She has had the privilege of working with many high-profile retailers and distributors, including Heritage Guild, Frontier Justice, Lipseys, RSR, Bill Hicks, Trop Gun Shop and more, earning their trust through her exceptional service. As a Business Development Executive at Orchid, Aimee is looking forward to introducing innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of customers and contributing to their growth and success in the firearms industry.

Kelly Lahti

Kelly Lahti, a retail industry veteran with 12 years of comprehensive experience, including nine years in the firearm industry, brings exceptional leadership skills to Orchid. At Cabela’s, she expertly managed large teams, oversaw monthly audits, spearheaded special ordering processes, and delivered exceptional customer service. As an Implementation and Support Consultant at Orchid, her extensive background in firearms, combined with her deep understanding of retail operations, POS systems, and ATF regulations, positions Kelly as a highly knowledgeable and reliable resource for Orchid’s customers.


Toni Hendrickson, having excelled as the Group Sales Manager at Cabela’s for a decade, brings a wealth of expertise to Orchid. Her responsibilities included ATF compliance, internal compliance, comprehensive employee training, POS systems management, internal audits, and partnerships with Firearms manufacturers for special orders. As a key member of Orchid’s Implementation and Support team, Toni will collaborate closely with new clients and address their specific needs, further strengthening Orchid’s commitment to providing premier customer support for FFLs.

The addition of these new team members reflects Orchid’s dedication to expanding its capabilities and enhancing its position as a leader in the firearms industry. Their diverse skills and experiences will contribute significantly to Orchid’s ongoing growth and success.

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