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Simple, Yet Serious FFL Features  |  ATF 2020 Form 4473 Compliant 

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Orchid eBound™ is compliant with ATF 2016-1, -2, -3 and is the only electronic acquisition and disposition book designed by industry professionals for industry professionals. Integrated with Orchid e4473, the software allows you to easily manufacture, distribute and sell GCA and NFA firearms to consumers.

Stay compliant and pass your next ATF inspection with the help of Orchid eBound™ and the experts at Orchid.

Complying with ATF 2016 Rulings

Learn about the 2016 ATF rulings and how our cloud-based solution meets ATF requirements.

Quick Start Guide

Easy to setup, have your electronic A&D book up and running with Orchid eBound™ in minutes.

Simple Navigation

Navigate quickly and efficiently with Orchid eBound™’s intuitive and easy to understand layout.

Performing Efficient & Accurate Transactions

With hundreds of data validation checkpoints and easy entry forms, Orchid eBound™ minimizes your data entry errors and processes transactions faster.

Powerful Search

Our “broad-term” search technology helps you find the data you need quickly while advanced filtering options allow you to zero-in on the exact data you’re looking for.

Kiosk Mode

Orchid eBound™ allows the processing of multiple e4473s at the same time. See how kiosk mode works and how it can increase customer satisfaction in your gun store.

Granting User Access

Orchid eBound™ allows you to easily create new users and customize their access. Match security roles with job assignments in your organization.


Orchid eBound™ offers a flexible solution for manufacturers and custom gunsmiths. Operate independently or integrate via an API with other shop applications.

Making Corrections to Your A&D Book

Easily make corrections to your A&D book with Orchid eBound™.  Our corrections log allows you to be compliant and efficient.

Managing Bulk Data

Even small FFLs can process large amounts of data quickly and easily. With three different methods for larger data sets, see how each one can be used to help you process data faster and with greater accuracy.

Form 3310.4 Multiple Gun Sales

All FFLs are required to fill out a Multiple Gun Sale form when certain conditions are met. Orchid eBound™ keeps track of everything for you and even populates the form so you don’t make a mistake or miss a submission.

Completing Form 3310.12

Border states have additional ATF reporting requirements.  See how Orchid eBound™ handles these requirements and keeps you compliant.

NFA Items, Firearm Imports & Exports

Orchid eBound™ allows you to keep all of your firearm inventory in one book. See how our solution handles NFA items, firearm imports and exports.

Exempt Transactions (Gunsmithing, Repairs, LE & MIL)

Processing “exempt” transactions is easy with Orchid eBound™. See why over 400 FFLs have chosen Orchid for their gunsmithing, repairs, law enforcement and military transactions.

Special Transactions: Theft/Loss

Learn how to properly record a serial number that has been reported as lost or stolen using Orchid eBound™.

2016-1 Automated Backups

Easily comply with ATF Ruling 2016-1 and prevent a data disaster using Orchid eBound and its automated backup feature.

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