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NEW: Fishbowl ERP & Orchid eBoundTM Integration

Fundamental technology to purchase and managing inventory, control business operations and fulfill customer orders 

The Fastest Way to to Make Fishbowl ERP Firearm Friendly


Take advantage of ERP technology with a low-cost entry point for small distributors and manufacturers


Achieve compliance and protect your FFL with the only legal defense guarantee from FFL Law


Grow your firearm business while you purchase and manage GCA / NFA inventory, fulfill orders, account and report on operations


Eliminate dual entry for serialize, receive, transfer, assemble / disassemble and destruction transactions

Meet Your Firearm ERP Implementation Experts

Jon Rydberg

Jon Rydberg, Founder and CEO of Orchid, has represented hundreds of FFLs across the country – including the biggest manufacturers and distributors, as well as the smallest gun-shops.

Sal Cucinella Headshot

Sal Cucinella is Founder and CEO of Sharpe Concepts. Sharpe Concepts provides software solutions nationwide to Manufacturers and Distributors, including Sharpe's proprietary software brand, LilyPad Applications.

70% of US Guns Manufactured by Orchid Clients

Over 1 M A&D Transaction Per Month

Integration with 5 Laser Marking Devices

Over 10 Years as The Leading FFL Solution

What Do Fishbowl ERP Users Think About The Integration?

Retay USA

"We’ve been a partner to Sharpe Concepts and Orchid as well as a long-time user of Fishbowl. The enhanced application allowed us to simplify our data entry and significantly improve our ATF compliance by upgrading to a stronger and fully compliant Bound Book solution. To support this launch, the team at Orchid and Sharpe are providing all of our RETAY USA customers with a 10% discount off the Fishbowl integration, Orchid eBound and, for retailers, the Orchid POS / eCommerce Suite."

— Chris Handy, CEO, RETAY USA



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