Your Challenge: Complying with a complex system of Federal and State regulations, enhancing inventory accuracy and availability, while optimizing your business with modern technology.

The Bottom Line: The Orchid Advisors’ FFL Lifecycle Program is the first ATF Service Plan of its kind, offering FFL and SOT (Class 3 Licensing), On-call Regulatory Compliance Expertise, Compliance Technology (Electronic Bound Book, e4473, and ATF eForms), and on-call ATF Inspection Support.

ATF, Import, and NFA Included – We Don’t Try and “Up charge” You

Ranked the #1 Compliance Solution For Your Federal Firearms License

All Service Plans Include

(Varies by Plan)

FFL and SOT Licensing

Get or manage your FFL or SOT so that you can make, distribute or sell firearms. We provide step-by-step guidance through each of the forms, or help you relocate or sell your firearms business.

ATF Training and Tools

Our training was designed and delivered by former ATF investigators, former attorneys and FFLs just like you. We provide both on-site and online training, including access to the Firearms Compliance University – Over 100 online courses and quizzes.

eBound Book and e4473

The only Electronic Bound Book, e4473 and ATF eForms designed and managed by a compliance firm. Our FFL solutions are 2016-1 compliant, simple to use and provide confidence during your inspection.

Legal Services & FFLBizHub

Partnered with Munitions Law Group, all FFLBizHub.com members get Legal Services. And, inside FFLBizHub.com you’ll find an Electronic Bound Book, Inventory Management software, the Firearms Compliance University, a State and ATF Firearms Tracker and more.

Standard Operating Procedures

Our FFL Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) map the legal and regulatory requirements your business process. This increases the likelihood that employees will keep your FFL compliant.

Recurring ATF Mock Inspections

Designed by former ATF investigators, our Mock Inspection mirrors the exact procedures of the ATF. We’ll identify your license risk and help you legally eliminate future violations. Staying compliant is much cheaper than hiring a defense lawyer.

We’ve guided over 65,000,000 compliant firearms transactions and growing – the most in the United States. Pass your next ATF Inspection with confidence and reduce your legal expenses.

Select From the Following Six FFL ATF Service Plans

Group 1 (Type 01, 02, 09 and also 03 FFLs) Retail, Pawnshops & Distributors FFL – ATF Service Plans

Program 1
Launch My Firearm Business
Program 2
Dealer or Pawn Plan
Program 3
Retail, Large Pawn or Distributor Plan
New, Single Facility, Retail or Pawn Single Store, Existing Retail or Pawn Large Single Store, Multi-Store, Existing Retail, Pawn or Distribution

Group 2 (Type 06, 08, 08, 10 and 11 FFLs) Manufacturing and Import – ATF Service Plans 

Program 4
Manufacturing / Import Diagnostic
Program 5
Small Manufacturer / Importer
Program 6
Large Manufacturer / Importer
Single Facility Single Facility Large Manufacturer, Multiple Facilities