International Firearm Transactions Managed For You

Orchid Advisors Managed Export Services are the vehicle by which we provide fixed-fee total export compliance solutions to manufacturers, distributors, retailers and exporters in the firearms and ammunition industry. Our export compliance professionals work full-time on export licensing, international trade and logistics, export compliance programs, training, anti-bribery compliance and related matters for clients in all sectors of the industry. We can provide clients with help in these areas that can replace, or supplement dedicated internal resources.

Orchid Advisors Managed Export Services have helped clients accelerate the growth of their international sales and we have removed the sense many companies have that they are charting a course through dangerous waters without a skilled navigator. We have:

  • Taken prime responsibility for preparing all ITAR and BIS licenses, including interaction with foreign customers and end users to obtain supporting documentation
  • Driven the creation of best-in-class export compliance programs for our clients and remained in place to lead the program.
  • Provided our clients with 24/7 access to licensing, export compliance and international trade advice they can’t buy anywhere else and enabled our clients reduce personnel costs associated with maintaining these capabilities in-house.