Zanders Sporting Goods Benefits for Firearm Retailers


Zanders Sporting Goods Benefits Firearm Retailers

SPARTA, IL. Zanders Sporting Goods, a national distributor located in Sparta, Illinois and proud NASGW wholesale member, announces a new benefit for firearm retailers. This new benefit is specially designed to help firearm retailers create operational efficiencies and improve compliance.

This program, in association with NASGW and Orchid Advisors, provides retailers with discounted access to the tools that they use every day. These tools are designed to address high-priority problems faced by firearm retailers. The following four tools are specifically designed to improve retail operations for Zanders’ customers:

  1. Eliminate slow retail transactions with a modern e4473 (kisok and eSignature)
  2. Eliminate ATF violations with a new, ATF compliant eBound Book
  3. Easily train retail staff with over 100 online video tutorials
  4. Comply with state firearm laws by accessing up-to-date state regulations

“We’re very excited to be able to offer this great new benefit to our customers,” commented Stefanie Zanders, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Zanders Sporting Goods and Vice Chair at NASGW. “We believe this program will help them improve retail operations with increased efficiency, compliance, and enhanced training.”

Over the coming months, Zanders’ customers will continue to receive more information about these great benefits and a link to register for 10% off. They will also receive a free 30-minute legal consultation and can access all prior retail articles.

Zanders’ customers are encouraged to contact their sales representative for more information.

About Zanders Sporting Goods

Zanders has been serving U.S. firearms dealers for well over 50 years. With more than 40,000 products that now include archery, archery accessories, and camping products, Zanders has it all in their new, streamlined warehouse.

“Our customers have always come first and we strive to go above and beyond their expectations every day,” states Stefanie Zanders. “Both old and new customers alike will enjoy our ever-growing inventory of outdoor products and accessories as well as our commitment to ensure their complete satisfaction.”

For more information about Zanders and their many dealer programs,

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