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Electronic A&D and Compliance Software

Manufacturers, Distributors and Retailers who want to accelerate their business, take note!

Whether or not you process one or one million firearm transactions per year, we’ve got you covered. Orchid Advisors is the only full-service consulting firm offering deep firearms ERP – WMS – POS design and optimization services. And, unlike others, our electronic Bound Books (A&D) are built from the ground up. If you seek a holistic technical transformation, you cannot afford to try this alone.

Epicor FFL Compliance Manager™ ATF Compliance

Handle every aspect of ATF compliance, more quickly and easily—and be fully prepared for your next inspection or trace. Grow your business with Epicor FFL Compliance Manager, a firearms acquisition and disposition (A&D) “bound book” software that simplifies compliance, reduces risk and enables you to:

  • Quickly and easily complete A&D logging tasks using built-in guidance and user assistance
  • Instantly create ATF-friendly reports for inspections and traces, with just one click
  • Confidently stay compliant by performing self-audits
  • Accurately reconcile inventory with ease—so nothing falls through the cracks
  • Speed customers through with customer kiosk capability on any web-enabled device

Use FFL Compliance Manager on its own, or seamlessly integrate with the Epicor Eagle N Series™ retail business management solution.

Going Beyonf the Electronic Bound Book

Serial Number Inventory Tool

The Serial Number Inventory Tool (SNIT) is the first and only commercial software tool dedicated to serial number inventories. Identify and eliminate variances in your serialized inventory and your Bound Book.

Transaction Validation Tool

The Transaction Validation Tool is the first application designed to analyze the accuracy of every Federal Firearms License holder’s Bound Book.


More than simply guiding us on regulations, Orchid Advisors infused compliant behaviors into the operations and production of firearms. The result was decreased manufacturing costs, improved regulatory compliance, and day-to-day efficiencies in our plants and corporate structure.

— Joseph Bolmarcich, Director of Compliance & Government Contracts, Remington Outdoor Company