What is The Firearms Compliance University?


Firearms Compliance University is the first education program specifically focused on the manufacturers, distributors, pawn shops and retailers of the firearms industry. University class topics range from intro courses that set up the expectations of working in a regulated industry, to physical and digital security tips, to ATF compliance standards. Students can enroll in just one class, or register for all 18 and keep access to the online campus for a full year.

When students aren’t working in a specific class, they can still take advantage of 80 video tutorials given by industry experts. These tutorials can do everything from informing your receiving department of best internal control practices, to educating your C-Suite with a summary of the ATF. Course materials are also provided to students in a hard copy print book which is yours to keep. Online review exams can even be customized to an individual’s specific job role and needs. Best of all, the mobile app means you can access FCU from anywhere once you enroll. You never know when a key question will need to be answered.


Some of our industry’s top players are already getting the benefits of enrolling their staff in FCU. Packed with over 80 compliance modules, The Firearms Compliance University (FCU) is your online gateway to managing and growing your firearms business.

  • Customized education and practice exams by department or functional role
  • Over 80 extensive videos and targeted material for Manufacturers, Importers, Distributors and Dealers
  • Companion print books are written in an easy-to-read style
  • Take FCU anywhere through your mobile device

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Free Ebook: Introduction to the Firearm Industry
In this 36-page guide, we give you the basics of the firearms industry.
A must have for new FFLs!