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Orchid eState Restrictions Software Protects FFLs from Violations

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November 21, 2022


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HARTFORD, CT (November 22, 2022) – The leader in FFL technology, payment processing, and compliance services, Orchid is excited to announce new product categories to its state restrictions software, Orchid eState™. In addition to a new ‘firearms’ category, the application now includes magazines and silencers, all three of which are accessible in the software interface or can be called electronically via an API.

“Compliance has never been more important, so it’s critical we provide licensees with the best software application possible,” said Philip Milks, attorney at FFL Law and Orchid VP of Regulatory Services. “Designed for all FFL types, eState can be used to prevent illegal firearm purchases, ATF violations, and revocation. Simply select the applicable location, product type, and related attributes to quickly view applicable restrictions before initiating a sale or processing an order.”

Available as a cloud-based application or API-driven integration, Orchid eState™ feeds state firearm restriction data directly into your point of sale (POS), enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, or ecommerce website by ZIP code, firearm characteristic, and product UPC. The application can also be accessed manually for as-needed research.

“Anderson is proud to offer a wide range of products to gun enthusiasts around the country,” said Jeff Bryant, ERP Manager at Anderson Manufacturing. “As our ecommerce business has grown, we needed help maintaining state-level compliance in the ever-changing regulatory landscape. That’s what drew us to Orchid eState™.”

Orchid eState™ can integrate with popular POS and ERP systems, including Epicor, NetSuite, Fishbowl, Odoo, SAP, Sage, Oracle and others.

“Why risk managing compliance on your own?” said Orchid VP of Sales & Implementation, Shaun Phelan. “With our Retail Enterprise and Suite packages, licensees can implement eState and other Orchid software to better serve and protect their operations.”

To learn more about Orchid eState™ and how the state restrictions software can protect your FFL, visit orchidadvisors.com/estate. For a live demo, visit Orchid at SHOT Show, located at booth #72633 in the Caesars Forum, this January.

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Celebrating 10 years of serving the shooting sports industry, Orchid LLC and partner firm, FFL Law, offer leading FFL software, firearms-friendly payment processing, and legal and regulatory services. With powerful POS, Ecommerce, Bound Book, and ERP solutions (including Epicor, NetSuite, Fishbowl, Odoo, SAP, Sage, and Oracle), expert knowledge of ATF, import/export, and state-level regulations, Orchid helps FFLs profitably manufacture, distribute, and sell firearms with great efficiency and the utmost compliance. Get started today at orchidadvisors.com.

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