Department of State Issues Guidance to ATF on Russia Sanctions

Yesterday, the Department of State issued guidance to ATF on the Russian sanctions that affect the firearms industry. The Department of State has indicated that only imports from entities named in the aforementioned sanctions will be blocked. ATF has sent letters to those U.S. companies holding currently approved Form 6s that are importing from these named entities, like Kalashnikov Concern, KBP Instrument Design Bureau, and others. These letters will advise the specific companies that their import permits will be revoked and these shipments will not be imported. Those with Form 6s pending are being advised that the permits will be denied. No new Form 6s will be approved while the sanctions remain in place.  However, importers may import Kalashnikov-manufactured products in transactions in which Kalashnikov Concern and other companies listed have no interest. However, the responsibility lies with the importer to prove said lack of interest by the named entity.