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4 Reasons to Switch Your Gun Store Point of Sale to Orchid POS™

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October 05, 2021


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As a retailer, selecting the right point of sale (POS) system could be the difference between operating a successful or a struggling business. Critical to retail operations and the customer experience, a poor relationship with your POS could have widespread negative effects on productivity and sales. While breakups are never easy, sometimes they’re necessary.

Perhaps your POS has begun to feel outdated, the functionality no longer meets your needs or provider customer service is lacking. Maybe your retail business has simply outgrown the system or you’re looking for an efficient all-in-one solution. Whatever your reason, your requirements are specific to your business, customer base, employee needs and location.

Whether you’re a retail FFL looking to replace an existing POS provider or seeking out your first POS system, consider these four reasons to go with Orchid POS™ as your trusted gun store point of sale system.

1. Cloud Accessibility
Unlike more traditional systems commonly run on desktop computers, Orchid POS™ is completely cloud-based and accessible anywhere with an internet connection. Not only does this save your retail business time and money on setup and hardware, but it provides flexibility to conduct transactions at the counter, throughout your store and on the go with all-in-one, component and mobile device options available. Automatic system upgrades also ensure your POS software is always kept up to date with minimal hardware maintenance required.

2. All-In-One Functionality
Rather than rely on multiple software providers to meet the needs of your retail business, Orchid POS™ natively integrates with other Orchid FFL solutions for all-in-one functionality. Manage inventory and expedite firearms transactions with Orchid eBound™, a robust electronic bound book with e4473 customer kiosk mode, take your brick-and-mortar business online with a custom or turnkey Orchid eCommerce™ webstore featuring optional live distributor feeds and drop shipping from AmmoReady, and accept in-store and online payment with firearms-friendly Orchid Pay™ merchant processing. Orchid POS™ also integrates with popular CRM and accounting tools for targeted email marketing and reporting.

3. Best-In-Class Service
Good retail customer service involves meeting customer expectations in a pleasant, efficient and timely manner. At Orchid, we strive to provide the same level of service to our clients. With online and on-call support, Orchid POS™ users have access to a Technical Support Center with software-specific guides and videos, as well as operations and software experts with over a decade of industry experience capable of answering technical questions and troubleshooting errors. Plus, Orchid eBound™ software is backed by attorneys at FFL Law to assist your firearms business in managing compliance risk. Software implementation, team training and data assistance services are also available for clients as needed.

4. System Affordability
Switching your point of sale system doesn’t have to be expensive. Orchid POS™ provides an affordable comprehensive software solution for FFLs of all sizes, requiring less hardware for upfront cost savings while offering inexpensive device options that can be easily scaled for multi-store retailers and ranges. Orchid POS™ users also receive discounted Orchid eBound™ pricing and low Orchid Pay™ merchant processing rates with a price lock guarantee. Simply determine how many registers your retailer needs and upgrade as your business grows.

Switching POS systems can seem difficult and expensive – but it doesn’t have to be. At Orchid, we understand the magnitude of your decision and are ready to walk you through a free software demo of Orchid POS™, Orchid eCommerce™and Orchid eBound™. Contact us to learn why Orchid was named a Top POS Solution Provider of 2021 and get started today.

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